First Men to Free Climb Steep Yosemite Rock Wall

First Men to Free Climb Steep Yosemite Rock Wall

On Wednesday, Tommy Caldwell,36, and Kevin Jorgeson, 30, two professional rock climbers, managed to be the first to free climb the 3,000-foot vertical Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. After pulling themselves atop the ledge, the two longtime friends first embraced, and then raised their hands in victory. The achievement is the result of years of practice, injuries, sore … [Read more...]

Breathe and You’ll Miss it: O’Sullivan’s Speed 147 Break

Ronnie O’Sullivan 147 break

One of the world’s snooker champions, if not the best of them all, Ronnie O’Sullivan just cracked his 13th career 147 break in the match against Matthew Selt. The genius player easily advances to the quarter-finals after a 6-0 win at the United Kingdom Championship in York. A nervous Selt seemed to crack under the pressure as O’Sullivan was taking advantage of the game. The performance looked … [Read more...]

14-year-old Hockey Player Dies During Match: Name Has Been Released

hockey player collapses

A 14-year-old teenager by the name of Patrick Schoonover collapsed on the ice during a match in Brainerd, Minn., this Friday. The hockey player fell unconscious soon after the match started.  This unfortunate event took place during a bantam tournament game at the Essentia Health Sports Center ice arena in Brainerd. Officials responded to emergency calls after receiving a report that one of the … [Read more...]

At least 20 People Have Been Killed, Dozens Other Missing in Blizzards and Avalanches in the Himalayas


At least 20 people have been killed and dozens other missing in blizzards and avalanches in three western mountainous districts of the Himalayas. The Cyclone Hudhud in southeastern part of India caused sudden weather change across the region, triggering heavy rains, blizzards and avalanches in Nepal. The disaster — in the peak season for trekking — occurred in an area that is not normally … [Read more...]

Seven New Jersey High School Students Charged in Hazing Case


Law enforcement and school officials are investigating a football hazing case in which seven high school students are now facing sex crime charges. The investigation resulted in the cancelation of the New Jersey prep football team’s season. On Friday night, six of the seven students were apprehended, while a seventh was still being sought by authorities at the Sayreville War Memorial High School. … [Read more...]

Prosecutors Seek to Arrest Adrian Peterson on Drug Use Charges


A Texas prosecutor is now seeking to arrest the Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson after he submitted to a drug test on Wednesday and admitted to having smoked “a little weed”, court records show. This drug test was included in the conditions of his $15,000 bond after the Minnesota Vikings star was accused of child abuse for having disciplined his son. On Wednesday, Peterson … [Read more...]

Two NFL Players Arrested for Trespassing in Non-Related Incidents


Two professional football players were arrested on trespassing (as well as other charges) by police officers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Minneapolis. Derrick Shelby, defensive end for the Miami Dolphins and Tom Johnson, tackle for the Minnesota Vikings were the players involved and their arrests couldn’t come at a worse time for the National Football League, which is already under … [Read more...]

Dodgers Manager Still Undecided about Starting Pitcher


The Dodgers manager, Don Mattingly, is taking his time deciding on a starting pitcher for the game against the Cubs. There’s a lot at stake during Sunday’s finale to be played at Wrigley Field and Mattingly, while undecided, seems to be leaning towards going with a reliever. If he were to do so, Dan Haren would be pushed back and pitch on Monday’s opener against the Giants, played at the Dodger … [Read more...]

Roger Goodell on Pledges Transparency and New Measures when Dealing With Domestic Violence


  Both Goodell and the NFL have received hard criticism over the past two weeks, after the domestic violence cases that included Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens running back, Greg Hardy, Carolina Panthers defensive end, Ray McDonald, San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman and Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings running back. It’s difficult to deal with such cases objectively, especially … [Read more...]

Team Activities Denied to Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson


The Minnesota Vikings had announced two days ago that Adrian Peterson might return to practice after he had been indicted last week on child abuse charges. However, only two days after their announcement, the Vikings reversed their decision and moved Peterson to the exempt/commissioner’s permission list. Following such a move, Peterson will be no longer be able to take part in any type of team … [Read more...]