The Doomsday Vault Is Still Safe, Even After Flood Fears

doomsday vault entrance structure

The Svalbard Seed Vault, also commonly called the Doomsday Vault is once again safe after almost passing through its own disaster. According to reports, the seed bank was quite close to being threatened by flooding waters due to the melting permafrost. The Doomsday Vault Had a Closer Than Wished for Brush with Water The Doomsday Vault is located on the island of Spitsbergen, in Norway, some 620 … [Read more...]

Astronauts Aboard The ISS Carried Out Humanity’s 200th Spacewalk

200th spacewalk by astronauts

  Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) managed to complete humanity's 200th spacewalk. They were able to do so although there were complications with the historic event from the very beginning. It began late, got cut short, and the two astronauts involved even had to share an umbilical cord to return to the station. Humanity's 200th Spacewalk Goes Off With a Bit of … [Read more...]

Need A Touchpad? Use This Spray Paint


A team of Carnegie Mellon University researchers just developed a new technology which can turn almost anything into a touchpad. This can be obtained with some help from conductive spray paint and just about any surface. Chris Harrison, a lab assistant part of the University’s Human – Computer Interaction Institute, offered some details on this new project, which he and his team call … [Read more...]

You Can Now Listen To Saturn’s Empty Space

saturn empty space

The spacecraft Cassini embarked on a daring mission to dive in between Saturn and its rings. What the world heard, as a result, is coming to be known as the eerie, creepy sound of Saturn's empty space. The planet, as the world well knows, is the second largest and the sixth planet from the Sun. The rings surrounding the planet give Saturn a unique outer physical appearance. Space is known for … [Read more...]

Lego To Release New Saturn V Rocket Set With 1969 Pieces

saturn v rocket set

  LEGO has taken its game up an entire level with the future release of its new Saturn V rocket set. With an exact number of 1969 pieces, it is already considered one of the most beautifully detailed and realistic models the company has ever created. With its continuing mission to inspire imagination and creativity through play, LEGO seems to have broken a new frontier with this fantastic … [Read more...]

Europe And China May Work Together For A Lunar Outpost

lunar outpost

While NASA and many private aerospace companies are looking towards Mars, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Chinese government are turning their eyes a little closer to Earth. They have begun developing a plan on working together to build a lunar outpost on the Moon.  One that is not in the too distant future. Moon Village and Lunar Outpost The two space agencies want to develop a … [Read more...]

NASA Successfully Launched The Super Pressure Balloon

nasa super pressure balloon

  On April 24, NASA successfully launched its super pressure balloon from an airfield in Wanaka, New Zealand. The stadium-sized balloon is expected to be aloft for more than 100 days. It should travel at an altitude of 110,000 all around the Southern Hemisphere. Its purpose will be to detect and study cosmic rays. These are some of the most energetic particles ever discovered. NASA to … [Read more...]

This Graphene Sieve Could Ensure A New Clean Water Supply

graphene sieve

A research team developed a graphene sieve which could ensure a new clean water supply as it would help desalinate undrinkable water. The research team is part of the University of Manchester. They published their study results in a paper in the Nature Nanotechnology journal. This could potentially be a breakthrough. It could open the road towards the synthesis of a new desalination method, one … [Read more...]

The First Manned Bipedal Robot Has Been Produced

manned bipedal robot

When you think about sci-fi movies you have in mind a manned bipedal robot, well this is not a sci-fi movie is just the reality. A South Korean tech company was able to design the first manned bipedal robot. Hankook Mirae Technology is the name of the company that made this robot. Although it seems like it is just an illusion this robot exists and it can be controlled by the person standing … [Read more...]

Scientists Make Three-Atom Wide Wire from Diamondoids

three-atom wide wire

Researchers from Stanford University have been able to create extremely thin wires, the size of only three atoms in width, which have unique properties.  Their invention was developed using the world’s smallest diamonds, which are known as diamondoids. Researchers use the diamondoids, which are the smallest part possible of a diamond to put together a three atoms wide wire which is capable of … [Read more...]