Beauty and the Beast Reactions Are In and Critics Are Not Impressed

Beauty and the Beast promotional poster

It’s a tale as old as time, a romantic reinterpretation of the Stockholm syndrome paired with Disney’s comical take on the concept of exclusion and the importance of physical appearance. The latest reinterpretation of Beauty and the Beast should have been a modern view on the beloved children’s tale, but, according to some, the movie failed to adapt it to the 21st century, keeping all the tropes … [Read more...]

Ibuprofen Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack

bottle of Ibuprofen and pills

Researchers discovered that regular Ibuprofen use could raise the risk of heart attack with more than a third. The Danish team also found that Diclofenac raises the risk of heart attack with 50 percent. Now, the scientists are advocating for stricter regulations regarding the sales of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. The Danish Team Analyzed 10 Years Worth of Data According to a … [Read more...]

Man Tries to Steal a Maserati Gran Turismo After Test Drive

a black Maserati Gran Turismo

Every once in a while, some criminals come with what they think to be an incredible idea and way to commit crimes, get away with it and get rich fast. However, most of the times it fails quite remarkably, and fortunately, the latest such criminal endeavor did end up in failure. A man from Florida decided to test drive a $150,000 Maserati Gran Turismo from a local dealership when he had the … [Read more...]

Straight Women Are Less Likely to Orgasm

a couple on the beach

A new study seems to confirm what many women already know, that any other group such as lesbians, gay man, straight men, as well as bisexuals have more orgasms than heterosexual females. The discrepancies in the frequency of orgasms has been already well-documented, but scientists have yet to unravel all the mysteries behind it. The study has been published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior by … [Read more...]

Smart Students Are More Likely to Experience with Pot and Alcohol

teenager smoking weed

The idea that smart students only focus on productive and meaningful activities for their future, and the cool kids are the ones to enjoy the various experiences in life, may be quite antiquated. A new study has found that clever teenagers are more likely to smoke pot and drink alcohol than others in their age group. More specifically, the study published in the journal BMJ Open, reveals that … [Read more...]

Arctic Refreeze Plan Will Cost $500B

arctic sea ice

One of the many dangers of climate is the accelerated melting of the polar caps, which lead to various environmental disasters, from sea level rise to the extinction of several species living at the poles. A new report revealed that the sea ice has hit another record low at both poles during winter. While the proposed solution in preventing the complete melting of the polar ice caps is to limit … [Read more...]

Valve News: Three VR Games, Paid Mods, Steam Greenlight

Valve logo

Valve, the company behind Steam and other incredibly successful games like Half-Life, Portal, and others, has made news in last few days thanks to a number of official announcements regarding their upcoming games, and also because some of the most recent comments made by Gabe Newell. First of all, Newell has been quite vocal about how modders need to be compensated for their work, as they can … [Read more...]

Rocket League Gets Hot Wheels DLC

Rocket League cars

Ever since its launch, Rocket League has seen immense success and popularity with hardcore and casual gamers alike. Its combination of easy to start, hard to master gameplay has appealed to a lot of people and has even lead to the start of a professional esports competition.  The game was also able to thrive thanks to the continued support from its developers with various free or paid DLC. The … [Read more...]

Lenovo Refreshes the ThinkPad P Laptop Series

ThinkPad P71

During the Solidworks World 2017 conference, Lenovo, one of the world’s leading laptop producers, has unveiled the newly refreshed ThinkPad P laptops. The refreshed series includes three laptops, with one specially designed to provide a high-quality virtual reality experience. The newly upgraded ThinkPad P laptops are the following: the P51, P51s, and the P71, which is capable of creating and … [Read more...]

Audi Recall Order Affects 576000 Vehicles at Risk of Fire Engine

Audi logo

Audi, the Volkswagen-owned automaker, has issued a new recall order for around 576,000 vehicles due to the possibility of experiencing fire engine problems and the rupture of the airbags. This is the latest bad news in a string of problems for the German automakers, who is still reeling from last year’s Dieselgate scandal. Audi’s decision actually involves two different recall orders for … [Read more...]