Utah Family of 5 was Killed by Poison, Police Suspects

Utah Family of 5 was Killed

On September 28, 2014, a Utah family of 5 was killed; they were found dead in their Springville, Utah home and up until now, nobody knew what killed the family. Yesterday, it was revealed by the police that it is very likely that the Utah family of 5 was killed by poison. The media obtained courts documents yesterday that revealed the Strack family were covered in bedding and had cups of red … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Babysitter Beats 3-Year-Old Girl to Death


A helpless 3-year-old girl was beaten to death by her brutal Brooklyn babysitter on Saturday, after the girl went to the bathroom with her pants on, police says. Police officers found the dying girl in a city homeless shelter at 38 Cooper Street after a 911 caller reported hearing screams echoing from the apartment. The 3 year old girl, Jeida Torres, was transported to the Wyckoff Hospital, … [Read more...]

Colorado Has Become the Top Spot for Marijuana Tourism

Marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado, USA.

As pot dispensaries (or shops) as well as weed-friendly pubs and hotels keep opening in Colorado in response to the relaxation of marijuana laws, the state has now become one of the top contenders of cannabis tour operators. New loads of tourists keep arriving outside the largest Denver hotels seeking one thing and one thing only: pot. Luxury cannabis tour operators, such as Spiro, now have … [Read more...]

Cleveland Teenagers Charged for Horrific Prank on Autistic Child


Five Ohio teenagers have been charged with disorderly conduct after a horrific ice bucket challenge prank on an autistic teenager. They dumped a bucket filled with their urine, tobacco spit, cigarette butts, feces and water on an unsuspecting 15-year-old autistic boy convincing him that he was taking part in the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. All five teens, aged 14 to 16, were charged in … [Read more...]

Is Obama Involving the U.S. In a War that Might Require More than Americans Bargained for?

United Nations Hosts World Leaders For Annual General Assembly

During a speech at the U.N. on Wednesday, president Obama vowed to continue fighting the terrorist group ISIS. He involved the United States and its people in what many could call a newly started war that might drain resources which could be better used in the country instead of outside of it. The U.S. President charted a muscular course of the United States, suggesting that the U.S. military … [Read more...]

Utah Online College Tops In Nation For Teacher Education

A new report ranks the Utah teaching college’s program as No. 1 in the nation but laments the lack of more high quality options in the state. The National Council on Teacher Quality named Western Governors University, an online college based in Utah as having the top undergraduate preparation program in the country for those going into middle and high school education. The online guide is … [Read more...]

Brigham Young University student trapped in avalanche dies


PROVO — Ashleigh Cox, was a 21 year old adventure lover from Colorado Springs. Friend Elizabeth Kent says, "She was always up for anything you had in mind. If it was going snowshoeing or just going for a walk or doing just absolutely anything, she was up for it." Cox who was snowshoeing with friends in an abrupt gully near the Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Saturday was swept … [Read more...]

Martin MacNeill’s mental competency to be evaluated


Provo: A judge on Tuesday said Martin MacNeill, a convicted wife-killer, must have his mental competency evaluated before an unrelated sex abuse case goes forward. MacNeill, 57, a former Pleasant Grove doctor was found guilty in November of murdering his wife, Michele MacNeill, in 2007. He is scheduled to go to trial Feb. 4, which is now cancelled in a separate case on a charge of forcible … [Read more...]

Mobile Home Destroyed By Fire In Provo


PROVO — A Provo woman and her two children escaped without injury after their 50 years old mobile home was destroyed in a fire on Saturday morning. Letica Quesada noticed a smell of smoke in the Brough trailer at 850 W. Columbia Lane #29. She alerted her two daughters Kenya Huertado, 12 and Giselle Huertado, 15 and they escaped their burning home, according to a news release from Fire Marshal … [Read more...]

Race Held To Aid Relief Efforts For Typhoon Haiyan Survivors


  PROVO, Utah – A charity race was held in Provo after about two months, the Typhoon Haiyan destructed the Philippines killing about 6,000 people. The race was held on Saturday to raise funds for the people who were devastated in the typhoon. Run 4 Philippines held two types of races, one was a 5K run and another was 10K run. It proceeds from the event go toward the relief efforts in … [Read more...]