The LAPD Could Start Using A New Ford Hybrid Sedan

ford hybrid sedan

On April 10th, Ford is expected to present a new cruiser car, the first Ford hybrid sedan to also be billed as a “pursuit rated” vehicle. More exactly, this means that the car should be able to safely reach and conduct high-speed pursuits while also maintaining a low emissions level. This new vehicle, the Fusion Hybrid midsize van, will be officially called the Ford Police Responder. It will … [Read more...]

April 03rd To 09th Is National Public Health Week

national public health week map

The week starting on April 03rd and up to April 09th has been officially declared the National Public Health Week. This will be held across a number of various counties, including Tazewell, Peoria, and Woodford. Throughout the week, the involved authorities will be encouraging, promoting, and offering information on a number of current lifestyle choices. Or, on the contrary, they will be trying … [Read more...]

Kellyanne Conway Suggested the Obama Administration Used Microwaves to Spy on Trump

Kellyanne Conway smiling to the camera

President Donald Trump declared that the Obama administration wired tapped his Manhattan headquarters during the final months of the presidential election in a last effort to thwart his impending victory. Even though no evidence was found to support his claims, Kellyanne Conway, one of his closest advisers, stepped up and suggested that the surveillance was made through high-tech devices such as … [Read more...]

Bottled Water Topped Soda Sales For The First Time

bottled water caps

According to the latest market report, bottled water has officially topped soda. For a reported first time, water consumption rates surpassed all other beverages in the United States. A report on the matter came from BMC. This is the Beverage Marketing Corporation. On March 09th, this released an official press release. BMC called this beverage shift a “long-term success story”. The report … [Read more...]

University Of California May Raise Its Fees

university of california

The University of California is considering an annual tuition and service fees rise of about $282 and $54 as it is reportedly trying to increase student conditions. UC or the University of California is a California-based public university system. It is a third part of the California Plan for Higher Education. UC was founded in 1973. It has a total of 10 campuses. These enroll a multitude of … [Read more...]

Leonard Cohen Passed Away at Age 82, the World Is Mourning

Leonard Cohen passed away on Monday

Renowned artist, songwriter, novelist, Beat poet Leonard Cohen passed away on Monday. The versatile Canadian singer was 82. The cause of death was not communicated. As the family prepares to mourn the artist, the world is already sending their prayers, honoring the memory of the man who touched so many hearts. No other artist's music felt or sounded like Leonard Cohen's. Yet his work resonated … [Read more...]

New Emails Surface in Hillary Clinton Server Case

new emails surface in Hillary Clinton server case

In an unexpected twist to the U.S. presidential campaign the FBI uncovered potentially significant material in the Hillary Clinton server case. New emails sent through Hillary Clinton's private server surfaced after the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized devices belonging to Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner, in an unrelated case.  The shocking revelation was announced through a … [Read more...]

Duke University Wants To Cure Men Of Toxic Masculinity

Duke University students talk about toxic masculinity

Duke University offers classes to cure men of toxic masculinity. Students are now able to study more than just science programs. The seminar, that will last nine weeks, was called “The Men’s Project”. It is sponsored by the Duke Women’s Center. During the seminar, students will about the male privilege that exists in our society. Even though many people do not see why this program would be … [Read more...]

The First Television Ad For Marijuana Will Be Launched

The first television ad about marijuana will be released

Organizations who want to legalize marijuana in Massachusetts and Maine will launch their first television ad on Monday. They are hoping that this will raise awareness regarding this problem and that more people will support marijuana in November when voters will choose to legalize weed or not. In the television ad we will be able to see Tom Nolan talking about the benefits of marijuana and why … [Read more...]

Roll Up Your Sleeve For Blood Drive

Blood Drive raises awareness for blood donation

Every year, MTSU and the American Red Cross are doing the “Bleed Blue” Blood Drive to save as many lives as they can in the community. Moreover, this year there is also a new technology that makes it easier for people to donate. MTSU students,  staff, and supporters can be involved in this event by making on online appointment. They will be able to donate blood between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., from … [Read more...]