Utah Father Confronts Kidnapper, Saves 5-Year-Old Daughter

Utah Father Confronts Kidnapper, Saves 5-Year-Old Daughter

Every parent's nightmare came true for a couple residing in a Salt Lake City suburb when they surprised a man attempting to abduct their daughter right from inside their home . Fortunately, the father confronted the abductor right on the front lawn, convincing him to release his little girl. She remained unharmed after the frightening experience. The event took place at 4:30 AM, when the … [Read more...]

Darrien Hunt Shooting Was Justified, According to Utah Prosecutor

Darrien Hunt Shooting

The two Utah police officers were justified in killing the 22 year old Darrien Hunt, attorney of Utah County Jeff Buhman announced on Monday.  Two Saratoga Springs officers supposedly feared for their lives and the safety of others in the bustling shopping center where the encounter occurred. They therefore fired seven shots at Hunt on Sept. 10, Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman said in a news … [Read more...]

Salt Lake City Is the Most Generous Metropolis, Charity Study Finds

Salt Lake City

Utah people are the most generous in the country, a report on charity donations says. For every $1,000 made, Utah residents donated $65.60 to charities, making Salt Lake City the most philanthropic metropolis. At the other end, New Hampshire residents only gave $17.40 for every $1,000 made. Maine and Vermont residents gave just a bit more than their neighbors. In 2012, the wealthy gave less to … [Read more...]

Utah School Teacher Accidentally Shoots Herself


According to officials from Salt Lake City, a Utah elementary school teacher managed to shoot herself by accident while carrying a concealed firearm at school. The teacher from the Westbrook Elementary School in Taylorsville, a suburb in Salt Lake City, shot herself in the leg while in the faculty bathroom, when her firearm discharged. According to Ben Hoarsey, Granite School District … [Read more...]

Utah Democrats Target Mia Love on New Website


One of the most popular Republican’s Party candidates is being targeted by Utah Democrats, who are blasting Mia Love, stating on the website that she is too extreme. On the website in question, Utah Democrats claim that they are trying to educate voters. However, Republicans as well as Mia’s campaign describe the website as a desperate attempt made by democrats to slander her, all the while … [Read more...]

West Nile Virus in Marion County


Mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus have been identified in Indiana’s Marion County.  Indiana Health Department made the information public after having set up a surveillance trap. The mosquitoes they collected from this trap tested positive for the arbovirus. While infected mosquitoes are preset in the area, there haven’t been any reports of infected humans up till now. This summer alone, … [Read more...]

Utah Will Seek Supreme Court Review of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling


Utah is the 18th state were same-sex marriages have been legalized. This happened on December 20, 2013. However, on January 6, 2014, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver would reconsider the case, due to a stay granted to the State Attorney General's office. Same-sex marriages which were performed in the small window (between December 20 and January 6) were automatically recognized by the … [Read more...]

Utah Mother, Alleged Killer of 6, Identified as Meth Addict


Utahan Megan Huntsman, currently under investigation by local authorities for the alleged murder of her six newborn babies, has been identified by Salt Lake City police as a possible methamphetamine addict. The woman, who is now 39 years old, is also believed to be addicted to other drugs and illegal substances. According to a press statement made by Capt. Mike Roberts of the Pleasant Grove Police … [Read more...]

5 Dead, 3 in Critical Condition, 3 Others Injured in Truck and Car Crashes


Two major accidents occurred this weekend, which resulted in 11 victims, 5 of which have died. The cases have no connection with each-other and they occurred in different regions of Utah. Here is more information about thee two tragedies. 1. Five Killed in a Head-on Crash in Southern Utah One of the accidents occurred near Monticello (approximately 15 miles  away), where a van of five people … [Read more...]

3.500-Acre Wildfire Still Burning in Eastern Utah


Wildfires may have become a common sight in Utah & California in the last few years, but when news of 3.500-acre wildfires surface, nobody can keep calm. Saturday night a fire started burning in a northeast direction. It threatened several structures, so evacuations were organized around the Taylor Mountain Road and the Steinaker Reservoir. Authorities say that the fire spread to 3.569 acres … [Read more...]