What Made The Baleen So Big? Scientists Think They Know The Answer

baleen whale

Baleen whales are well known for their massive size as the blue whale, one of its species is the largest living vertebrate on Earth. But a team of scientists wondered what might have determined their impressive growth. Their study results were published earlier this week in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. For their research, the team traced back and analyzed the evolution of whales over … [Read more...]

Jeremy, The Rare Left Coiling Snail, Had No Chance With Its 2 Mates

jeremy snail

Against all odds, the world managed to find Jeremy, a rare left-coiling snail, a mate or even two. Still, this couple soon turned triangle was not in Jeremy’s favor as his two partners reproduced with one another while he was still gathering his bearings. The story goes as follows. University of Nottingham scientists discovered and have been studying a very rare garden snail. Most of the … [Read more...]

Dinosaurs Could Have Stood A Chance If Asteroid Struck Elsewhere


A recently presented research concludes that dinosaurs could have stood a chance and possibly survived if the asteroid blamed for their extinction had hit elsewhere or at least sooner or earlier. The species, according to this research, was the victim of “the wrong place at the wrong time”. Dinosaurs Affected More by the Place Than by the Size Study results were presented as part of a BBC … [Read more...]

Scientists Just Found Baby Louie A New Dinosaur Family

baby louie egg remains

  A huge, fossilized egg found by a farmer in China 25 years ago has been determined to be the only known example of a brand new species of dinosaur. "Baby Louie", as the 15-inch embryo is known is now part of a new dinosaur family. Researchers just named it the Beibeilong sinensis which loosely translates from a mix of Mandarin and Latin as "Baby Dragon from China". A Long History … [Read more...]

Female Dragonflies Take A Fake Death Plunge To Avoid Mating

female dragonflies

Mating is a quite complicated process for some species in the natural world. As of April 24th, the same can be said for female dragonflies who are faking their deaths to avoid mating. A Ph.D. student at the University of Zurich was conducting a different investigation on dragonflies when he discovered this behavior. Rassim Khelifa was researching temperature effects on the hatchlings of … [Read more...]

Can You Mold Martian Soil Into Bricks? Scientists Say Yes!

martian soil

  There already are many plans of sending humans to Mars. But these assume the need of building living spaces for those pioneers. Transporting building materials from Earth would severely reduce the lift capacity needed by other supplies. So the most recent discovery is a very welcome one. A team of researchers found a simple process of making bricks by molding Martian soil. This … [Read more...]

Did The Earliest Humans In US Live In California 130,000 Years Ago?

earliest humans illustration

  Using the most up to date evidence they had, the vast majority of the archaeological world believed that earliest humans arrived on the American continent from Asia about 25,000 years ago. They achieved this through glacially made land bridges or by boats along the shorelines. Maybe even by both. But now, a brand new discovery could rock that entire paradigm. I could do so as … [Read more...]

Föhn Winds Have A Strong Influence On The Antarctic Ice

Föhn Winds

  Föhn winds are a type of wind that sweeps across the Antarctic ice fields during the southern hemisphere spring and summer. Scientists from the BAS or British Antarctic Survey recently presented some of the first research about this air movement at a conference in Vienna. As it is, their findings show that this is not good for the continent's ice shelves. Specific, Föhn Winds May … [Read more...]

Hobbit Ancestor Finds A Place In The Human Family Tree

hobbit human head model

Ever since it was discovered, the “hobbit” human ancestor, the Homo floresiensis, has been raising controversies as to its place in the human family tree. Archeologists found the bone remains of this human ancestor back in 2003 on the Indonesian island, Flores. The Homo floresiensis had a short stature of around 3.5 feet, which earned them the “hobbit” nickname. Its features have also been the … [Read more...]

Which Are The Most And Least Destructive Effects Of An Asteroid Strike?

least destructive effects of an asteroid strike

A recent study of simulated asteroid strikes looked into the seven results of hazardous asteroids and estimated which were the least destructive effects and which were the most destructive ones. The study looked at the percentage of deaths that would come from tsunamis, shock waves, wind blasts, heat, flying debris, cratering, and seismic shaking. It turns out that the most deadly effects are … [Read more...]