Coke Cans Contaminated with Human Feces in Northern Ireland

Coca Cola Can

The Irish police is currently investigating how human feces contaminated an entire shipment of Coke cans produced by a Coca Cola plant in Northern Ireland. The Police Service of Northern Ireland said Tuesday that investigators found human waste in multiple cans manufactured at the Helllenic Bottling Company in Lisburn. No Affected Cans Reached the Shelves The soft drinks maker reportedly … [Read more...]

SoundCloud Just Lost Two Of Its Executives

soundcloud logo

Sunday saw the confirmation of some important news about SoundCloud. The music streaming service will be losing not one but two company executives. Marc Strigel and Markus Harder will be leaving the company. SoundCloud is an audio distribution platform. The online system offers its users various options. They can record and upload their own original creations. And then proceed to share and … [Read more...]

Craig Forman Will Be The New McClatchy CEO

craig forman sacramento bee

On Wednesday, McClatchy Co. announced that it named Craig Forman as its new chief executive officer and president as he will be replacing Patrick Talamantes. The McClatchy Company is a publishing company. It is based in Sacramento, California, and is publicly traded. McClatchy Co. was founded in 1857. It started out by publishing the Sacramento Bee. Currently, its publications serve 14 … [Read more...]

Free Coffee and Many Deals on the National Coffee Day 2016

free coffee offered by coffee stores

Because Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day, it could only mean that some coffee shops give free coffee while some have incredible discounts for their products. To find out which of your favorite stores give away freebies to celebrate this special day and where to find the best deals, below! A free expresso is being given away by all locations of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, except the … [Read more...]

The Honest Company Could Bring Jessica Alba More Than $1 Billion

Honest Company could be sold for more than $1 Billion

A new report declares that the Honest Company could be sold to Unilever for an unbelievable $1 billion. The company of actress and business mogul Jessica Alba markets soap, diapers, cleaning products, and lotion that are free of the harsh chemicals found in other products. According to recent news, Unilever PLC is excited to acquire the lifestyle brand started by the actress in 2011. It is … [Read more...]

AdBlock Plus Is Developing a Marketplace for ‘Acceptable’ Ads

AdBlock 's decision will probably upset many users

The new announcement made by AdBlock Plus will probably make either the users, marketers or publisher pretty mad. Eyeo GmbH, the owner of the ad-blocking technology, declared that their new service would allow brands to buy the right to advertise for consumers who want these ads blocked. The 'acceptable' ads also known as Acceptable Ads Platform (AAP, for short) will enable administrators to … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Engineer Pleaded Guilty In Diesel Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen installed a corrupted device on approximately 500,000 automobiles

The Recent information revealed that a veteran Volkswagen designer, James Liang, pleaded guilty on the 9th of September for his implication in the diesel emission scandal. The documents unlocked on Friday reported that Volkswagen engineers intentionally installed a corrupted device on approximately 500,000 United States automobiles from 2009 through 2015. The tools allowed the cars from the … [Read more...]

The Hanjin Ship Finally Permitted To Unload

A Hanjin ship was stranded on the coast of California

A Hanjin cargo ship that was stranded for more than a week on the coast of California has started unloading on Saturday after a judge defended the shipping giant from having its goods confiscated in the U.S. The company was trying to elude bankruptcy. The labor union leaders mentioned that the 1,145-foot-long Hanjin Greece arrived at Port of Long Beach in California on Saturday morning, and … [Read more...]

Facebook Helps Small Businesses With New A Tool

Small businesses are helped by Facebook ads

Facebook decided to help small businesses that want to increase their sells to customers in other countries. The social media corporation said that its tool would allow small businesses to advertise to buyers in other nations and also find foreign clients. The tool will enable businesses to determine which nations they want to follow or aim clients in a particular area. All small businesses … [Read more...]

It’s Not Always Clever To Refund Your Student Loan Early

early reimbursement of a student loan has no benefits

Many freshmen are wondering whether it is a good idea to refund a student loan early. Providers usually offer discounts for the early reimbursement of a student loan. However, some offer 0 percent rates for early reimbursement. Financial advisers say that the answer to this question depends on many other factors like if the money could help the student reach other goals. Moreover, it is … [Read more...]