Portsmouth Child Rushed to The Hospital After Being Hit by a School Bus

School Bus

Portsmouth authorities reported that a 6-year-old girl was recently involved in a school bus accident which took place on Friday, at approximately 8:10 am. According to the detectives in charge of the case, it would appear that the girl sustained minor injuries during the incident, and was rushed to the local Children’s Hospital as a precautionary method. No charges have been filed against the … [Read more...]

Construction Worker Entertains Hospitalized Kids With Giant Waldo

Where's Waldo

In a world where news headlines are filled with terrorist attacks, ordinary people like you and me can help bring some joy. And that’s exactly what Jason Haney, a construction foreman, has headed out to do. Everyone is acquainted with the popular Where’s Waldo book, so Haney decided to entertain the kids hospitalized next door to his construction site by hiding a life-size cutout he made of the … [Read more...]

Toxic Algae Bloom Prompts Utah Lake Closure

Aerial view of Utah Lake

On Friday, authorities closed Utah lake due to a toxic algae bloom that has turned it into a health hazard overnight. Public health officials warn that the algae release  dangerous chemicals which could lead to brain and liver damage in humans and animals. Swimming in the lake is now strictly forbidden. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has tested the waters and found that the level … [Read more...]

Second Zika-related Death in U.S. Confirmed in Utah

Mosquito biting

Public health authorities in Utah confirmed that the death of a senior woman in late June is the first case of death in which the Zika virus played a role in the continental U.S. Authorities are not sure whether Zika, an underlying medical condition, or both killed the woman. Reportedly the Utah woman had visited a Zika-affected country a few months ago and she tested positive for the disease. … [Read more...]

Alabama Could Say ‘Yes’ to Gay Marriages

alt="gay couple in alabama"

Alabama could say ‘yes’ to gay marriages after a federal judge ruled on Thursday that authorities in the Southern state should begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The decision was currently placed on hold as the judges await for a ruling in the Obergefell vs. Hodges case in June. The beginning of 2015 was generally characterized by numerous debates relate to same-sex marriage, especially … [Read more...]

Marco Rubio Announces His Approach to Foreign Policy and Attacks Hillary Clinton

Marco Rubio Announces His Approach to Foreign Policy

The way the United States of America, still one of world's greatest powers, decides to deal with foreign affairs is a subject of interest not only to the American people but also to the entire world. During his recent speech, Marco Rubio announces his approach to Foreign Policy and attacks Hillary Clinton. The relations that the United States have with countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and … [Read more...]

NY Inhabitants Express Concern after The Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Explosion

NY Inhabitants Express Concern after The Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Explosion

New York inhabitants express concern after the Indian Point Nuclear Power plant explosion which occurred on Sunday afternoon. Their worries are, according to the recent investigations, well-grounded as great part of the Hudson River was covered by oil slicks. The explosion took place on Sunday afternoon 40 miles away from the New City. Recent reports confirm that no one has been hurt during … [Read more...]

Salt Lake City Police Chief ’s Hazy Connections with Body-Camera Maker

Salt Lake City Police Chief’s Hazy Connections with Body Camera Maker

Other body-camera makers and city officials are concerned about the local police chiefs’ undisclosed deals with Taser, the top ranking body-camera supplier for law enforcement departments. Ties smudged with conflict-of-interest were detected in Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Fort Worth. But on Thursday, Taser reported that it had contracts with 9 other major cities, while it was … [Read more...]

Utah State Air Quality Has Significantly Improved in 2014

Note the blimp on the left

A new report released Monday by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) shows that Utah has now healthier air, while water quality has significantly improved. These results were due to the fact that air and water quality improvement were top priorities on the state’s environmental to-do list. Also, last year, the Utah Division of Air Quality proposed new standards for air quality … [Read more...]

Utah’s Abortion Rate Has Dropped To The Lowermost Level

Utah’s Abortion Rate Has Dropped To The Lowermost Level

Women in Utah are less inclined to have an abortion, the latest statistics revealed by state authorities suggest. Utah’s abortion rate has dropped to the lowermost level ever registered since 1977. Last year, the figures showed only 4.6 abortions in every 1,000 women. The aggregate number of women who chose to have an abortion procedure in 2013 has likewise dropped to the smallest figure since … [Read more...]