Tizen Association Welcomes 15 New Members

SoftBank Mobile and Sprint are two big names amongst the 15 new firms who have teamed up with Tizen Association in their open source venture. So far, it was thirty six companies that formed Tizen Association. This is an open-source OS for the mobile gadgets, for those who are new in this aspect.

SoftBank Mobile is the mother company to which Sprint belongs and therefore along with the mother the sibling too has re-joined the Tizen Association. It is being said re-joined since Sprint had left Tizen Association in 2012 after just one year of it joining up then.  The list of names of other mobile sector associates are AccuWeather, Acrodea, Baidu, CloudStreet, Cyberlighting, DynAgility,Gamevil, Inside Secure, Ixonos, Nomovok, Piceasoft, Red Bend Software and ZTE who have now joined up Tizen Associates..

The main existing partners of Tizen Associates are Intel, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Panasonic, Orange, Vodafone and SK Telecom. The new comers like the old ones are all well known in the field of mobile computing be it games or apps development or providing ecommerce solutions on the mobile world.


Come Mobile World Congress which will be held in Barcelona towards the end of this month, Tizen is sure to put up a show of strength at the event given this new influx of strong support it has received. The probability of Tizen putting up a new smartphone at the MWC is not something that is far reached.

The only Tizen device that can be seen in the market is the Samsung camera by model name NX300. The camera has a UI that looks just like any other camera UI and therefore not much to distinguish this one from other camera. However, its too early to say if Tizen would be putting forward a strong enough challenge to the likes of iOS or Android though what seems a surety is that the Tizen does have the potential.