Marco Rubio Announces His Approach to Foreign Policy and Attacks Hillary Clinton

Marco Rubio Announces His Approach to Foreign Policy

The way the United States of America, still one of world’s greatest powers, decides to deal with foreign affairs is a subject of interest not only to the American people but also to the entire world. During his recent speech, Marco Rubio announces his approach to Foreign Policy and attacks Hillary Clinton.

The relations that the United States have with countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia represent a major topic in the discussions all over the world and political analysts have come up with numerous theories about what the next step of the US will look like in connection to the present problems.

The world is waiting to hear how the international affairs are going to be in the near future as Marco Rubio announces his approach to foreign policy and attacks Hillary Clinton during last official speech.

In the time when George Bush the son occupied the position of president of the United States, the American approach to foreign policy was clear.

National security and strikes that were intended to prevent greater conflicts were the key words related to the way in which George Bush wanted to approach foreign policy. Bush was the one who started the war against terrorism and jihadist movements and organization and the military actions took by the United States were clear and in some cases highly unfortunate.

On the other hand, the foreign policy of the Obama Administration has changed in terms of how to approach the matter of international affairs. Avoiding to act in an incautious way was the first thing that came into the mind of political analysts if they were to refer to the United States` foreign policy approach in the present time, when Barack Obama is still the president of the US.

On Wednesday, Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican representing the interests of the people in Florida and, by now, the interests of every America will deliver a speech in front of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The event will take place in New York and it represents a point of interest to every political analyst or simply any human being concerned with such problems. Rubio will talk about how he intends to approach the matter of foreign policy in the time to come and his upcoming speech has already got many discussions going on the world wide web and on TV.

Marco Rubio is also involved in the presidential run of the next year so the way in which he sees the future of the foreign affairs for the United States is a crucial factor in his presidential race.

The political analysts who have been interested in the campaign announcements about foreign policy, given by Marco Rubio have recognized three major points in his approach to international affairs.

First of all, it seems like Rubio wants to assure the strength of the United States. In a world in which the Asian countries continue to flourish and on the background of the struggle for resources and hegemony in many areas of the globe, in which the rise of the jihadist movements is accelerating, the United States have to make sure that they do not lose their position as a global power with relevance to all the key fields in the way the world functions in the present.

In addition to that, Rubio has said in many occasions that a crucial factor to the way the United States should define their strategy for the international affairs should include an elaborated plan on how to keep a strong American economy in the context of a world that tends to be globalized.

Thirdly, according to Marco Rubio, the Americans need not to forget about the core of values which lay at the foundation of the United States. Having to deal with an accelerating globalization, the United States have to ensure that the key values of the American people and of the state will continue to represent a landmark to relate to, in any action that has to be taken, in a choice that has to be made.

Rubio sees the proper funding of the American military as a priority to the next administration. According to the Rep. Senator, proper military funding is a key objective to any nation and in any context, whether it is a time of war or a time of peace. And the world of our days is not included under any of these categories.

Most of the political analysts in connection to the matter of Rubio running for president have stated that the main aspect of Rubio`s approach to foreign policy is the defensive stance. According to such experts, this may help him as a presidential candidate and it may improve his popularity among the American people that has become tired and, in some cases, outraged over the military conflicts in which the United States are involved.

Image Source: Reuters