The Doomsday Vault Is Still Safe, Even After Flood Fears

doomsday vault entrance structure

The Svalbard Seed Vault, also commonly called the Doomsday Vault is once again safe after almost passing through its own disaster. According to reports, the seed bank was quite close to being threatened by flooding waters due to the melting permafrost. The Doomsday Vault Had a Closer Than Wished for Brush with Water The Doomsday Vault is located on the island of Spitsbergen, in Norway, some 620 … [Read more...]

US Soldiers Discharged For Misconduct Suffer from Mental Health Problems

mental health problems

A new report shows that most US soldiers discharged for misconduct suffered from mental health problems. The study analyzed soldiers released between 2011 and 2015. Some of the most common mental health problems detected included PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. Mental Health Problems Led to Quite a Number of Discharges The Government Accountability Office or GAO conducted this report. … [Read more...]

Google’s Allo Can Now Create Custom Stickers From Selfies

allo cartoon characters

Earlier this week, Allo, one of Google’s messaging apps, announced the release of a new feature. Thanks to some help from neural networks, the app can now transform any selfie into a cartoon sticker. But not only that, as users can also choose various options and create a custom such emoji. The New Allo Feature Incorporates Two Very Hyped Technologies Allo’s cartoon-inspired customizable … [Read more...]

Need A Touchpad? Use This Spray Paint


A team of Carnegie Mellon University researchers just developed a new technology which can turn almost anything into a touchpad. This can be obtained with some help from conductive spray paint and just about any surface. Chris Harrison, a lab assistant part of the University’s Human – Computer Interaction Institute, offered some details on this new project, which he and his team call … [Read more...]

New Drug for Liver Cancer: Regorafenib

liver cancer medicine

Medicine evolved a lot over the years as more and more drugs are tested and approved by the FDA. Despite this fact, in the last 10 years, no drug was approved for liver cancer. Until recently, this condition was treated with a drug named sorafenib. Now, the FDA approved a new drug for liver cancer: regorafenib. Although it has been on the market for quite some time, regorafenib was not approved … [Read more...]

Did The Earliest Humans In US Live In California 130,000 Years Ago?

earliest humans illustration

  Using the most up to date evidence they had, the vast majority of the archaeological world believed that earliest humans arrived on the American continent from Asia about 25,000 years ago. They achieved this through glacially made land bridges or by boats along the shorelines. Maybe even by both. But now, a brand new discovery could rock that entire paradigm. I could do so as … [Read more...]

The Ticks Season And How To Prepare For It

ticks season

Spring brings with it the beginning of ticks season besides also coming with nature blooming or allergies. Tick bites can lead to illnesses such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever or encephalitis. Lyme disease, which was once considered a rare illness but has now become more frequent, is the most common tick-borne disease. More than 25,000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease were … [Read more...]

Which Are The Most And Least Destructive Effects Of An Asteroid Strike?

least destructive effects of an asteroid strike

A recent study of simulated asteroid strikes looked into the seven results of hazardous asteroids and estimated which were the least destructive effects and which were the most destructive ones. The study looked at the percentage of deaths that would come from tsunamis, shock waves, wind blasts, heat, flying debris, cratering, and seismic shaking. It turns out that the most deadly effects are … [Read more...]

The Slims River Was The Victim Of River Piracy

slims river piracy

  The Kaskawulsh Glacier in Canada's Yukon Territory is usually the source for several local waterways, including the Slims River. The shrinking of this glacier due to climate change in recent years has caused a sudden shift in how its melt flows. Now, it only feeds the Kaskawulsh River instead of the Slims as well. This is referred to as river piracy by geologists. It is not caused by man … [Read more...]

New Images Present Details On Uranus, Its Rings, And Auroras

uranus auroras

NASA recently released two new stunning composite images showcasing Uranus, it rings, and its auroras. These photos were created by combining observations gathered by the Voyager 2 spacecraft as well as the Hubble Space Telescope. Besides, offering these new photos to the public, the aerospace agency also offered information about the seventh planet from the Sun and its planetary system. More … [Read more...]