Lego To Release New Saturn V Rocket Set With 1969 Pieces

saturn v rocket set

The new Saturn V rocket set is a toy meant to be played with but also ready for display.


LEGO has taken its game up an entire level with the future release of its new Saturn V rocket set. With an exact number of 1969 pieces, it is already considered one of the most beautifully detailed and realistic models the company has ever created. With its continuing mission to inspire imagination and creativity through play, LEGO seems to have broken a new frontier with this fantastic set.

LEGO Saturn V Rocket Set To Be Over a Meter Tall

The new Saturn V rocket set from LEGO is a toy meant to be played with as much as it is intended to be displayed. It comes at an approximate scale of 1:110 to the original, real-life rocket. Also, it was designed to separate into all three stages of such a craft.

The set will also include the Eagle lander, rescue rocket, and three mini figure astronauts. One of them will come with an American flag. There is also an information booklet included in the kit. This describes the original mission and the astronauts who took part in it. The 1969 pieces represent the year the rocket launched.

Each stage can be built individually, but they also fit together to stand at over a meter tall. There are also three stands included so that the Saturn V rocket can be displayed horizontally. This is much as its big brother currently on display at the Kennedy Space Center. Each individual LEGO pieces are highly detailed to show hatches and lettering.

Designers Valerie Roche and Felix Stiessen said the project was born of a “shared passion for space exploration.” The entire design team sees themselves as fans of space, and they hope to inspire an entirely new generation to feel that same passion.

The Saturn V rocket set is part of the “LEGO Ideas”. This is a line of more advanced models meant to educate and inspire as much as become fun pastimes. All the products initially start out as user submissions.

This new set comes on the heels of LEGO’s “Women of NASA” line, meant to inspire girls to consider STEM careers, especially those in aerospace and exploration. The Saturn V set will become available starting on June 1st, according to this company’s announcement.
Image Source:  Flickr