UN urges for immediate action on global warming

The United Nations has warned against the rising levels of greenhouse gases, urging for greater global efforts to tackle the severe issue.

According to a draft report by UN experts, delaying action on worsening climatic condition will only add to the costs and reduce the opportunities to deal with it.

The United Nations’ final draft report ‘Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’ says that global warming will continue to increase unless the countries do not shift their attention immediately.


Expressing serious concerns over the burning issue, the United Nations said that the national policies and global efforts aimed at curbing climate change are inefficient in dealing with the issue. It says level of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are warming the planet has grown by 2.2% per year on average in 2000-2010 – almost twice as high as in 1970-2000.

The report has termed economic growth, which has risen sharply, and population growth, which has remained roughly steady, as the two main drivers for the increasing emissions.

Oil and coal are major contributors to global emissions and the draft report has projected its increase in future.