Drilling In The Alpine Fault Revealed Unexpectedly Hot Water

alpine fault satellite image

A team of scientists reached a source of unexpectedly hot water as they were drilling in New Zealand in the Alpine Fault. This discovery could have a significant impact on the local economy and resilience, as it may offer a new, sustainable source of green energy. Alpine Fault, the Source of some Significant Earthquakes, a New Energy Source? This incredibly hot water came as a surprise for the … [Read more...]

Astronauts Aboard The ISS Carried Out Humanity’s 200th Spacewalk

200th spacewalk by astronauts

  Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) managed to complete humanity's 200th spacewalk. They were able to do so although there were complications with the historic event from the very beginning. It began late, got cut short, and the two astronauts involved even had to share an umbilical cord to return to the station. Humanity's 200th Spacewalk Goes Off With a Bit of … [Read more...]

Some 7000 Bodies May Be Buried Under A Mississippi Campus

7000 bodies excavation site

A new report shows that a plot of land part of the University of Mississippi Medical Center Campus or UMMC may be the final resting place of some 7000 bodies all buried in coffins. These could be the remains of the former patients of the Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum, the state’s first mental hospital. The 7000 Bodies Could Find A New Resting Place According to reports, specialists discovered … [Read more...]

You Can Now Listen To Saturn’s Empty Space

saturn empty space

The spacecraft Cassini embarked on a daring mission to dive in between Saturn and its rings. What the world heard, as a result, is coming to be known as the eerie, creepy sound of Saturn's empty space. The planet, as the world well knows, is the second largest and the sixth planet from the Sun. The rings surrounding the planet give Saturn a unique outer physical appearance. Space is known for … [Read more...]

Get Ready To See The Eta Aquariids This Week

eta aquariids meteor

  As the Earth revolves around the Sun, it passes through comet tails, smashed asteroids, and other debris left behind by the formation of this solar system. When it crosses these regions, the detritus and dust fall to the planet in the form of meteors, creating annual, predictable events. The fall of the Eta Aquariids will be the next to impress, and it is happening this week. Eta … [Read more...]

NASA Successfully Launched The Super Pressure Balloon

nasa super pressure balloon

  On April 24, NASA successfully launched its super pressure balloon from an airfield in Wanaka, New Zealand. The stadium-sized balloon is expected to be aloft for more than 100 days. It should travel at an altitude of 110,000 all around the Southern Hemisphere. Its purpose will be to detect and study cosmic rays. These are some of the most energetic particles ever discovered. NASA to … [Read more...]

This New Study Took A Closer Look At The Effects Of Psychedelics


A team of scientists took a closer look at the actual effects of psychedelics or the so-called magic mushrooms or “enlightenment drugs”. Such psychoactive drugs reportedly do induce a “heightened state of consciousness”. Study results on the matter were released in a paper in the Scientific Reports journal earlier this week. For their research, the team concentrated on three psychedelics. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announced That It Is Holding A Special Event In May

microsoft sign

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would be holding a special event on May 02nd. This will be taking place in New York City and was presented as a special software and hardware event. Rumors on the matter had reportedly already been flying around for some weeks. However, they were put to rest on April 12th as several media sources revealed that they already received an invitation to … [Read more...]

Citizen Scientists Were Able To Spot New Planet 9 Candidates

planet citizen scientists

As the race for the elusive Planet 9 is heating up, citizen scientists have already spotted 4 new potential candidates. These were placed on the follow-up list and will be further investigated by specialists. These Citizen Scientists Are Part Of The ANU Project ANU or the Australian National University is one of the latest organizations to launch a citizen scientists program. This, like all the … [Read more...]

Kea Parrots Laugh Loudly While Playing

Kea Parrot laughing

Kea parrots are the only birds known to respond to laughter. The playful New Zealand birds are known to engage in spontaneous playing sessions, emitting a loud, laughter-like noise while doing so.   Kea Parrots Love to Play In the wild, when the birds are in a playful mood, they engage in acrobatic loops, toss various small objects at each other, and give themselves high-fives. … [Read more...]