Utah senator Urquhart bats for Anti-Discrimination Bill

Sen. Steve Urquhart, R-St. George, decided not back down on an attempt to run a bill that gives same-sex community people protection in housing and employment situations.

On Friday, Urquhart taped a note to the door of the Senate chambers demanding that Utah’s legislators hear ‘Hear SB100’, his bill during the ongoing session, which began on Monday.

“These are things that protect our entire society, they protect all Utahns,” Urquhart said when asked about his legislation.

The bill appeared to be on a short leash. Legislative leaders have said that they are strongly considering not taking up any legislation in this regard till Utah’s case dealing with Amendment 3 is in the court system.

Urquhart contended that the bill, which deals with gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender communities’ rights or marriage related bills, was not related to the court case. He added that it is an issue that has been debated on Capitol Hill for years and deals only with housing and employment issues instead marriage.

“This is something that the majority of Utahns consistently supports,” he explained.

Urquhart made a strong appeal to Utahns to let their lawmakers know about this bill.

He also said that a chance should be given at least to have a committee hearing.


“What I would like the people of Utah to do is come to the capitol and let people know that this issue should be heard,” he said.

“Let’s hear this bill, let’s move forward on this bill,” Urquhart said.

Urquhart found support from a small number of individuals in taping a note to the Senate door.

“I’m very interested in equality. I really support the cause that everyone deserves to be treated equally,” Megan Lang, one of the first note posters, said in solidarity with Urquhart’s bill.

“This isn’t a new issue. This has been on the floor for quite some times now. This isn’t because of Shelby’s ruling and the history speaks for itself,” Lang added.

Meanwhile, Urquhart also took the opportunity to criticize some of the advertisement campaigns in direct opposition to his legislation.

The advertisements have stated that the bill would allow same-sex people to use the other sex’s bathroom and would also allow men in women’s dorms.

He, however, refuted the claims saying ‘these were simply untrue’ and the bill would only provide individuals in the LGBT community with the knowledge that they will not be discriminated when it came to housing and employment issues.