Utah court dismisses case against dead man accused in prostitution racket

An Utah district court has dismissed a criminal case against a 68-year-old man accused of running a prostitution ring in the state after he died in police custody.

Kenneth Michael Bond died of cardiac arrest on January 4 while in custody, says his death certificate. The death certificate was filed in 4th District Court on Monday.

Bond was charged with 21 counts of object rape, 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault, five counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and two counts of aggravated exploitation of a prostitute.


Bond had pleaded not guilty and was to appear before the court on Tuesday for hearing.

A probable cause statement said that the accused operated a house of prostitution in his Springville home in Utah between January 2011 and July 2011.

The prosecution says, Bond used to offer money, iPhones, manicures and other gifts to the girls in order to woo them for having sex with various men.

He has installed cameras at his home office where the alleged sexual acts occurred.  These cameras were wired to another location at his house where he used to watch the sex acts live, said the prosecutor.