Man Accused of Making Fraud Credit Cards Arrested In Sandy

Sandy- Sandy police, over the weekend arrested a man from a local motel, who was found guilty of making duplicitous credit cards using existing credit card numbers.1389758564-310784615

Son Van Ho, 41, of Laguna Hills, California, is charged of 10 illegal custody of another’s identity documents and 10 more counts of creating fake credit cards in the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation.Ho was then directed to California from Iowa when arrested.

A man from Wyoming informed Sandy police on Sunday night, that the credit card he lost was being operated in their jurisdiction.

Investigators found the man in the local motel where the usage of card was reported. They found Ho in there and he was under arrest, said Sandy Police Sgt. Jon Arnold.

Police aforementioned that forged cheques, stack of 20 to 30 blank plastic credit cards and an imprinting machine were found in the motel room.

“He was making cheques, but he was also making credit cards,” Arnold said. “He would get blank ones, and he would copy credit card numbers and put them on to his new card.”

“He’s stealing blank cards, imprinting the victim’s account number and putting his name on it. So when people swipe it, it is reported as non-functional. So instead of swiping they have to enter the number by hand,” Arnold said.

Once the credit card number is entered manually, it reverts as valid, and the name on the card gets matched with his real identification.

Arnold and his team is now searching whether Ho is involved in crimes outside the state. It was found that Ho has a major record of crime outside Utah.

The jail documents mentions, that Ho got released from Salt Lake County Jail, five hours after being retained in because of overcrowding problems.