Lawmaker proposes loosening of ‘Zion curtain’ to liberalize Utah’s liquor laws

Utah’s so-called Zion curtain that bares the alcohol lovers to enjoy their drink may no more have to take the pain of ordering food to get their glasses. One of the lawmaker is all set to propose before the legislature about liberalizing the liquor laws.

Rep. Kraig Powell, R-Heber City, has decided to propose the legislature for softening the stringent liquor laws. He is a member of the Mormon Church.

Talking about his decision, Powell said, “My conversations with owners and workers in Park City’s restaurants encouraged me to craft the measure that would allow bartenders to pour and mix alcoholic drinks in plain sight instead of back rooms or behind partitions. It would also allow customers to order their drink without having food.”


The debate over loosening the state’s famously strict liquor laws has gained momentum in recent weeks. Recently, both After LDS church, Mormon Church has raised its strong objection against the proposal of liberalizing Utah’s famously strict liquor laws, saying it is highly important to avoid an alcohol culture.

‘Zion curtain’ is a law that bares the bartender to pour wine infront of the customers in plain sight. Instead it allows serving the alcohols in back rooms or behind partitions.

Last year, a similar proposal to get rid of the rule died in the Senate. Law experts say it is likely to face similar hurdles this year too, especially in light of the Mormon church’s effort last week to retain regulations.

Lawmakers returned to the state Capitol on Monday for their annual legislative session.