Johnson & Johnson takes giant step, announces sharing of clinical trial data with Yale

Taking a major step in the field of medical researches, leading drug maker Johnson & Johnson has announce sharing of clinical trial data sharing with the Yale School of Medicine.

Till now, drug companies observed secrecy as far as their medicine studies were concerned. The raw information related to drugs, devices, and other products was only viewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is the first time any company has collaborated with a completely independent third party to review and make decisions regarding every request for clinical data.

Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Janssen Research and Development, LLC, has entered into a novel agreement with Yale School of Medicine’s Open Data Access (YODA) Project. Under the agreement, the Johnson & Johnson would share its clinical trials data with the Yale to enhance public health and advance science and medicine.

YODA will serve as an independent decision-making body which will review requests from investigators and physicians who seek access to these clinical trials data from Janssen.


Expressing pleasure over the alliance, Joanne Waldstreicher, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Johnson & Johnson, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with YODA to ensure that each and every request for access to our pharmaceutical clinical data is reviewed objectively and independently. This represents a new standard for responsible, independent clinical data sharing.

He further added, “Sharing anonymized data from clinical trials is critical to advance public health because it furthers our understanding of diseases, expands the base of knowledge needed to develop new treatments, and generates new insights and more complete evidence to enable better healthcare decisions for patients – all while protecting patient privacy and confidentiality.

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