• WHAT?!?! This is absolutely outrageous!! If that were my kid the people that made the decision to do that would never hear the end of it. What went through their minds as they took the poor kids lunch away in front of all their friends? Who could do that? These people should NOT be working with children. If you could take a tray of good food from a child after JUST GIVING it to them, you have to check yourself and ask why you are there. No one that truly cares about children could do that in good conscience. Shameful.

  • ian bradley

    Hope they fired

  • eddiea

    Don’t they know they might have given kids the right to start bullying those kids. If the adults can say they don’t have money for food,this kids will to. Except, those kids will get charged with bullying not adults.

  • Renee

    The US gives millions of dollars in aid to other countries, but one little school decides they won’t feed a child. Sad day.