Roll Up Your Sleeve For Blood Drive

Blood Drive raises awareness for blood donation

This week the American Red Cross is asking people to come to the Blood Drive.

Every year, MTSU and the American Red Cross are doing the “Bleed Blue” Blood Drive to save as many lives as they can in the community. Moreover, this year there is also a new technology that makes it easier for people to donate.

MTSU students,  staff, and supporters can be involved in this event by making on online appointment. They will be able to donate blood between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., from October 3 to October 5. The event will take place at the university’s Student Health, Wellness and Recreation Center.

Talking about the new application, there are two ways of using it. You can type “MTSU19” in the “Find a Blood Drive” box at or you can use the new American Red Cross Blood app. Donors will also be able to use their desktop or laptop to complete a new online health questionnaire. These new features will allow more people to donate and they will not lose time filling out the paper. All you have to do is answer the questions and bring a printed confirmation to show to heath officials. After that, roll up your sleep and donate blood in the “Bleed Blue” Blood Drive.

This event is a wonderful opportunity for the students and the staff to work together for a common goal. Since the blood drive started, in 2010, MTSU people managed to donate 404 gallons of blood and save more than 9 700 lives.  The students did their best every year to help the community by donating the blood so many people need. They want to donate more blood this year and the organizers think that this challenge can be done.

The blood drive will have also a friendly competition between football teams from MTSU and Wester Kentucky University. Not only people will feel good about helping other individuals, but they will also be able to enjoy the football game. According to the Red Cross officials, a single donation can save three lives.  We have the chance to make the difference for a sick person and his family.

The American Red Cross does its best to get more people donating blood.  The blood drive is a unique opportunity to help your community without giving any money.  You will feel more satisfied knowing that a person is now alive due to your decision.

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