GM reveals the cost of turning your vehicle into a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot



It has been announced by GM as to how much would it set back for turning one of the vehicle that is 4G LTE equipped into a mobile hot spot for Wi-Fi only kit. Now streaming NetFlix on the back seat would no more be an issue.

Cadillac, GMC, Buick and Chevrolet would be the 1st brands who would be seen marketing 4G LTE Connectivity on a large scale. While vehicles by General Motors might be the 1st to offer this connectivity on a broad scale, they aren’t the first who have added such a technology in the United States. Few weeks back, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot connection was offered by Audi in its A3 Sedan.

However, the rollout of GM would be a wider one and would start with 2015 Chevrolet Malibu, which would soon be released. Then it would be followed by 4 Buicks, 15 Chevys, 7 Caddies and 6 Jimmies. However, all this would happen by the end of the year. The Wi-Fi hotspot would support around 7 devices including tablets, smartphones, game consoles and laptops. One tried and tested marketing model would be offered by GM for getting the customers use the service. Millions of customers would get an opportunity for exploring this technology without having to pay extra for data plan for 3 GB or 3 months.

After this test run, charges would be applicable for streaming. 200MB of data can be added for a price of $5 per month and 1GB of data can be added for $15 per month. By paying $30, 3GB of data can be added and by paying $50, 5GB can be used.


  • archerian

    Might be cheaper to turn on your smartphone’s hotspot feature and connect the phone to the already available charging outlet. Both use the same network.

    • Ric Hornsby

      and you do not have to buy a new car to get this feature.

    • Supammu Aruchaifu

      “Might be” is an understatement. I get unlimited LTE, 5-6 GB at full speed, for $30/month.

      • PhotoMaineAC

        That’s cheap radiation.

        • Supammu Aruchaifu

          Uhh, k. It’s non-ionizing, so it’s not really much of an issue. You can get even cheaper radiation with a flashlight, if your measure of value is $/joule.

          Or do I need to study it out some more?

  • I’ll take two!

  • Seastar

    What is the writer’s first language? Not English, it seems. The syntax and grammar are awful.

  • Russell Hagan

    David Jackson (the author of this article) seems entirely unable to form natural sounding English language sentences. Is is my humble opinion he should find any job that does not involve communicating.

    • PhotoMaineAC

      You cannot trust fake news……computer generated bull!

  • Amicus Curia

    What a RIP! Wi-Fi yes, 4G LTE no! What would be nice is if the car had an antenna capable of picking up faint wi-fi signals. The 4G LTE thing would be driving around, not with a hole in your gas tank, but in your wallet. This new trend to make your car a virtual point of sale hot-spot is disturbing. It’s going down the same path as cell phones which were once communication (voice) devices but have now morphed into virtual shopping centers. Does this mean the end of brick and mortar shopping centers is nigh? Yeah, why shop ’til you drop when you can DRIVE?

  • PhotoMaineAC

    Does the CIA own this web-site……….computer generated news with views….ROTFLMNO!?