Two-alarm fire at Salt Lake City displaced 2 families

indexSALT LAKE CITY – On Sunday night, 2-alarm fire at an apartment complex in North Salt Lake let to the forced displacement of two families out of their homes.

Jasen Asay of the Salt Lake City Fire Department confirmed that personnel were taking action against a 2-alarm fire at the City Park Apartments, located at 786 North 900 West.

There whole site was filled by heavy smoke coming out of one of the second floor apartments. When the crew arrived inside, they found the fire in a bathroom.

The fire migrated up the wall into an apartment on the third floor. Fire crews succeeded in extinguishing the conflagration prior to widening of the fire to any other apartment.

Asay confirmed that the fire started in a bathroom fan, and was ruled accidental.

The occupants of both the apartments are relocated and are at present being supported by the Red Cross.

There was no report of any one injured in the fire.