Sprint Galaxy S4 Users Getting Android KitKat Update

A leak recently appeared on the kernel for the updated Android version to be running on Galaxy S4 smartphone from Sprint. The official confirmation from Sprint has now reached its subscribers that the update is indeed on the way which would update their OS to Android 4.4 Kitkat. Users would get a prompt on their devices when the update is available for their region as Sprint is posting the update in a phased manner. Subscribers of Sprint could also check for a manual update being available for their set.

The update would give the users some new features, one of them being the ability to stop pop-up messages and prompts coming up. Unauthorized access to the device would therefore be forbidden with the update. The alert message which the user would receive when such an unauthorized access is taking place would help in the user deciding the next course of action. This security feature would be a very welcome one given the numerous ad pop ups that apps come up with in the mobile world. Information regarding this feature has been posted by Sprint on their website which users can check upon.


The KitKat version for Sprint is numbered as JDQ39.L720VPUFNAE. Users of the Sprint Galaxy S4 should not take too much time to reach its subscribers as the Samsung 2013 models have already started getting their update to KitKat version, which also includes Sprint subscribers. Samsung 2013 is the flagship model of the set and therefore would have been an important update that Sprint would have considered to give. The Galaxy S4 model is also of no less popularity and therefore Sprint would not be taking it very easy in giving their subscribers and losing out of customer base in the process.