Scientists probe into mysterious disease causing starfish to gut themselves

Scientists are investigating a mysterious and dangerous disease that is spreading fast in the regions where starfish are found. According to the scientists, the starfish that are infected with the disease gradually rip off their own arms and gut themselves.

Scientists say, it’s something we’ve never heard of before.

The scientists have named the disease as ‘Sea Star Wasting Syndrome’.  The most common symptoms of the disease observed in most of the infected starfish are white lesions on their arms. Scientists say, the lesions spread rapidly, resulting in the loss of the arm. The infection is so dangerous that it consumes the creature’s entire body, forcing them to tear and gut themselves.


The traces of this disease were first noticed by the scientists off the coast of Washington and now it is spreading quickly towards several regions where starfish can be found. But sightings of dead starfish have been reported first in Alaska and in southern California.

The unknown disease is so dangerous that it makes the starfish lose its own regenerating characteristic. The species is capable of regenerating missing limbs. However those infected with this new disease loses the power.

The disease has remained a mystery among researchers and scientists. In a bid to collect more information about the disease, the scientists have asked the beachgoers to photograph any starfish depicting symptoms of the unknown disease and tweet the images with the #sickstarfish tag.

Starfish are key members of the marine ecosystem. Hence the decline in their population could be dangerous for the marine ecosystems.


  • Viagravated

    I am sure the big nuclear power plant in Japan with four melted cores and thousands of gallons of radioactive water that has been continuously piped into the sea for the past couple of years have absolutely nothing to do with this.

    • kenpatty

      You’re right. The amount of radioactivity that has traveled here from Japan isn’t even recordable with all other natural radioactivity drowning it out. And yes I know you were being sarcastic. I’m not. Just making sure some people aren’t alarmed for no reason.

      • Viagravated

        It isn’t “recordable” because it is no longer being tested for. Starfish are highly susceptible because they live on the bottom where the heavier radioactive particles end up.

    • KeCo

      IIRC This started on the east coast not the west coast but don’t let facts spoil your opinions.

      • DSharpark

        Washington is west coast… Washington D.C. is east coast… but don’t let geography spoil your snide comments.

        • KeCo

          I’m perfectly aware of the difference…I’m referring to the starfish decline here on the east coast from NJ up to Maine last summer.

      • Viagravated

        If what you are saying is true then I will reconsider the earlier statement. However, I believe you are wrong.