Proved- Mobile Phones Not A Reason Behind Cancer

imagesAn independent 11-year study finds that the cell phones pose ‘no risk to health’ and do not raise the risks of childhood cancer or leukemia.

UK study by independent research group MTHR has found no proof of mobile phones having any “biological or adverse health effects”.

The results were published in the second Mobile Telecommunications and Health Report on Tuesday.

The group was involved in the investigation since 2001, publishing in the practice close to 60 peer-reviewed papers.

The study also set up no substantiation that contact to base station emissions during pregnancy increases the risk of childhood leukaemia.

The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research programme was the UK’s leading research programme to look at the potential health risks related with mobile phone technology.

“When the MTHR programme was set up, there were many scientific uncertainties about possible health risks from mobile phones and related technology,” Prof David Coggon, chairman of MTHR and a professor of environmental medicine at Southampton University said.

“This independent programme is now complete, and despite exhaustive research, we have found no evidence of risks to health from the radio waves produced by mobile phones or their base stations. Thanks to the research conducted within the programme, we can now be much more confident about the safety of modern telecommunications systems.”

Study author Professor Paul Elliott of Imperial College London, said: ‘People are worried that living near a mobile phone mast might affect their children’s health.

The £13.6 million programme was funded evenly by the British government and the telecommunications industry, with an independent oversight committee ensuring neither could manipulate the studies.

One major shortcoming in the research is that it has only evaluated the effect up to 10 years of use, not for longer term use.

In 2011 the World Health Organisation warned mobile phone users to limit their use of the devices as they could cause cancer.

Another ongoing study, called COSMOS that will analyze up to 300,000 European mobile phone users, is in progress in a bid to conclude whether mobile phones have deferred health effects.

The modulating of radio signals, which is how mobile phone and wi-fi data are carried, also produces no particular effect on health, the study said.