Microsoft SkyDrive Renamed OneDrive Following Trademark Issues

Cloud computing has also its share of dispute and contentions as seen in the case of BskyB versus Microsoft over the name of the cloud service that was being used. Microsoft came in second with the name of SkyDrive while BskyB had already registered their service as “Sky” in the EU. When Microsoft went for the SkyDrive name, BskyB contested and won the case. Microsoft has a few weeks’ time in which they have to change the name and they have gone for the name of “OneDrive”. As of now the service with the new name is yet to be launched. When it is available however, there is going to be many added features to it. 8 GB of storage space would be available and a promotional scheme of referring the service to 10 friends in order to get an additional 500 MB would also be there. The scheme would benefit the referrer as well as the new subscriber as per information from LiveSide.

New user would otherwise get 7 GB of storage space and then can get an additional 3 GB of storage by selecting to upload images from camera to the OneDrive by using the app that is available on the service. This app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS.


There is another interesting feature on OneDrive that is called “Co-Owner Folder”. This feature allows group working where other OneDrive users can be invited to share files which can be edited or just viewed.

Users of OneDrive would be able to sync their folders to the PC even if they are shared folders, which is a feature not available on the SkyDrive. This prevented users from getting access to their files in offline mode. Dates when the new OneDrive service would come alive has not yet been declared.