Four crocodiles species can climb trees

crocodiles (1)In the recent explorations researchers found that some species of crocodiles are able to climb trees but the distance they can go in upward and outward directions depends upon their sizes and body weight.

In Knoxville, a researcher at the University of Tennessee, USA has revealed that crocodiles can clamber over trees as far as the crests. Even though this skill is well recognized to local natives in some locations, this is the first assessment to take a detail look at this tree creeping behavior.

Vladimir Dinets who is a research assistant professor in the Psychology Department, and his contemporaries witnessed crocodile species on three continents and examined earlier research and subjective observations. They distinguished that four species climbed trees, but how far they climbed upward and outward differed depending on their sizes. The crocodiles having smaller body size were able to advance higher and cover more outward distance than the compared to the bigger ones. In fact, some of them were seen climbing as far as four meters high and five meters out.

The authors’ states in a research paper released by the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, “Climbing a steep hill or steep branch is mechanically similar, assuming the branch is wide enough to walk on. Still, the ability to climb vertically is a measure of crocodiles’ spectacular agility on land.”

The researchers also noted that these gigantic reptiles are not at all excited about this human intervention and they quickly leaped off the tree into the water when someone was far as 10 meters away. This response from the crocs curtained the study experts that the tree climbing ability is both for purposes of thermoregulation, as well as close watching of their surroundings.

“The most frequent observations of tree-basking were in areas where there were few places to bask on the ground, implying that the individuals needed alternatives for regulating their body temperature, “The authors remarked. “Likewise, their wary nature suggests that climbing leads to improved site surveillance of potential threats and prey.”

“These results should be taken into account by paleontologists who look at changes in fossils to shed light on behavior. This is especially true for those studying extinct crocodiles or other Archosaurian taxa.” said Dinets.

The researchers also indicated that in spite of not possessing any geomorphology for climbing trees, these crocodiles are competent of climbing upwards and outwards within the boundaries of their “movement skills. “The researchers added, that crocodiles might spend a considerable amount of time relishing in a tree.