Viral video served as incentive for Utah couple’s hope to adopt

SALT LAKE CITY: Late August last year, Jason Mortensen went to the hospital to have a hernia fixed. When treated with over dose of anesthesia, Mortensen woke up but was still heavily sedated. His wife, Candice recalled hearing him moaning and groaning loudly.


Jason did not recognized Candice as his wife; he asked things like, “Are we married?” He even asked her if they had children together, to which she replied, “Not yet.”

Candice captured the reaction through a video titled, “Seeing her for the first time again”. It quickly got spreaded all over the web with more than 13 million hits on YouTube.

After several interviews by national news stations and articles on the happy couple, there was one thing they kept very private struggling for infertility issues.

Mortenson had discussed the possibility of adoption, and due to the millions of views of the video, the couple was able to begin raising money for this endeavor.

In their search, the couple decided to adopt from Uganda, and soon they found a 6-year-old girl for adoption. They also got chance to adopt a 6-year-old boy.

After months of planning and preparation of bringing them home, on Friday night the couple came across a unpleasant news of inability to adopt them due to unforeseen challenges in Uganda. They are unfortunately facing complications of International adoption. They lost the chance to adopt the children they have grown to love and planned for.

“I know that family is far more than genetic makeup and that many children are  waiting for parents, just as parents are waiting for kids,” Candice Mortensen  said. “Jason and I are both so excited to start our family through adoption and  can’t wait to bring sweet children into our home, from wherever they be in this  world.”

The couple has set up a page to help fund their adoption efforts at