Type 2 Diabetes Drug Dapagliflozin Gets FDA Nod

Drug dapagliflozin has finally received green signal from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its marketing in the US.

Dapagliflozin, the second of a new class of medications that aims to improve glycemic control in Type 2 diabetes patients, will be marketed under the name Farxiga. With this development, the new drug will join the prominent diabetes medications, including metformin, pioglitazone, glimepiride, sitagliptin and insulin, in the US market.

Canagliflozin was the first in this class of medications to receive FDA’s approval in March last year. Notably, four new Type 2 diabetes drugs are expected to go under the FDA scanner in the coming years.

Pair of Human Hands Checking the Blood Pressure of a Patient

Dapagliflozin is a sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor that helps in blocking the reabsorption of glucose by the kidney. The process in turns helps in increasing the excretion of glucose in urine and lowers glucose levels in the blood.

FDA carried a clinical trial to test the efficiency of the drug. The patients who were given dapagliflozin showed more improvement in blood sugar control than those who were not given the drug. The FDA has asked for further researches to demonstrate the drug’s ability to drive down risks related to heart attacks and strokes as it has not yet been established whether the drug will help in improving such risks for patients with Type 2 diabetes.


  • Jared Miller

    Once again folks, it’s more profitable to “treat” than to “cure” – just another stupid drug company looking to rake in billions of our dollars while one day the FDA, who will once again, order this drug off the counter due to “unforeseen” side-effects like death! Why isn’t the FDA pushing for stem cell therapies? Oh, silly me, I forgot, because that would “cure” someone with diabetes…

    • lamorpa

      So you’re saying you have a cure for Type II diabetes, but you are keeping it secret? That’s very cruel of you.

  • CapitaineDeLaPalice

    Farxiga? Seriously? That’s what the marketing department came up with?

  • Robert Undisclosed

    This explains why the FDA went after Glucocil. I have Type 2 and my B/S is now normal using natural supplements. No drugs for me.

    • lamorpa

      No. Your blood sugar is controlled by healthy diet and exercise. The supplements are just snake oil.

      • Robert Undisclosed

        You are so wrong, and don’t know what you are talking about.

        I woke up blind from diabetes in 2011. I’m extremely athletic. I was swimming 1/2 mile, running 30 flights of steps, and weight training everyday 5 days per week, My waist is 29. In spite of all this I came down with diabetes with Type 2 diabetes with no warning. I was 61 years old at the time. Almost 3 years have passed since that incident.

        When my doctor friends tested me my blood/ sugar was 664 and they wanted me hospitalized to get my b/s under control and to medicate me.

        I’m a pilot of 35 years, and diabetes is the kiss of death for a pilots license. I was a scientist by profession but not in the medical field. My decision was to try natural supplements and try and save my license and if it didn’t work I’d go on medication. I still had to notify the FAA by law which I did. I got my sight back after 72 hours although it was blurry, and my b/s down to 279. With a pharmacist friend I started using natural supplements along with watching what I ate. It worked.

        After 6 months of monitoring by FAA doctors my license was restored.

        I now live in Greece and my b/ s levels are normal. My fasting b/s in the morning is 104 to 109. During the day my b/s is 84 to 97 the past two weeks. An AC1 test can not pick up the fact I even have diabetes.

        My doctor buddies were at first very skeptical. Not now, although 2 of them want to wait and see a little longer.

        You are correct on diet and exercise. However, you are incorrect regarding supplements. You need to read up on gymnema sylvestre, olive leaf extract, olive oil, bitter melon, cinnamon, chromium, to name a few.

        Even the FDA warns people on diabetic medication to be very careful taking olive leaf extract because it may lower your blood sugar to much. That’s an admission by the FDA that olive leaf extract DOES LOWER blood sugar.

        In India physicians have been treating diabetes with gymnema sylvestre for years, and it works.

        The FDA gets paid off by the drug companies. The drug companies can’t patent natural supplements nor make money off them as they are cheap. However, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

        • lamorpa

          So you changed your diet _and_ started taking ‘natural’ ‘supplements’, yet assign the lowering of your BGL to strictly the latter. Do you have a basic misunderstanding of the body’s endocrine system?

          • Robert Undisclosed

            Did you mean…..do I have an understanding of the body’s endocrine system ? Let me put it this way. My pilot’s license was about to be revoked by FAA regulations. I took the supplements I mentioned. The FAA doctors monitored my b/s for six months. My b/s improved drastically on the supplements. I was cleared by the FAA and still have my pilot license with NO restrictions.

            When I don’t take the supplements my b/s rises into the 140s. When I take them. My b/s stays between 84 and 97.

            Now if you’ve had the results I’ve had, and you were in my shoes, would you really care about understanding or misunderstanding the body’s endocrine system ?

            I’m a highly educated guy. However, when a theory out of a book is disproved by a material fact, I have a tendency to ignore the theory.

          • lamorpa

            Alright. I’ll give. I just find it extremely hard to believe that a significant medicine exists and is being suppressed through some conspiracy. It just doesn’t really happen in the real world. Good for you that you get such great b/s control.

          • Robert Undisclosed

            In China, they showed on a CBS program years ago that a patient underwent brain surgery without anesthetic and no pain using acupuncture. The western medical world was in disbelief.

            Do the research on those natural supplements I mentioned. They use Gymnema Sylvestre to treat diabetes, and it works. However, Gymnema Sylvestre only grows in the rain forests in India. That is the Gymnema Sylvestre you must use. There are those that have attempted to duplicate it in the U.S.. That stuff is crap.

            Check out olive leaf extract. You’ll see where the U.S. F.D.A. warns diabetics on prescribed medication that taking olive leaf can lower your b/s to much. That is basically an admission by the FDA that olive leaf does lower b/s.

            The olive leaf I use is from here in Greece. They’ve used it for years here treating diabetes.

            You are correct. Diabetes forces a person to have a proper diet. Diet and exercise are crucial to controlling diabetes. However, it doesn’t matter what type of prescribed medicine, or natural supplement that works you are taking, if you are going to eat fried foods, drink Mountain Dew, or eat potato chips, the medicine or natural supplements aren’t going to do you any good anyway, and you’re going to die from a diabetic related disease.

            Like I said, I’m a scientist. At one point I agreed with you on the snake oil comment. I learned through experience, I was wrong.