Now microscopic robots ‘Bio-Bots’ to diagnose diseases inside Human Body

The scientists have developed a microscopic robot that can swim like a sperm inside a human body and help in sensing many diseases by exploring the body’s complex environment in a simpler way.

‘Bio-Bots’, a self-propelled microscopic biological machine, is designed by the researchers of the University of Illinois.

The machine is made up of flexible polymer. It has a long-tail section that helps the machine in navigating inside the aquatic world of micro-organisms. The researchers have developed it in such a way that it has minimum amount of moving parts.


“Micro-organisms have a whole world that we only glimpse through the microscope. This is the first time that an engineered system has reached this underworld,” said Taher Saif, a Professor of mechanical science and engineering from the University of Illinois.

The new development of science can prove to be beneficial for the medicine. Researchers believe that these cell-powered robots can help in sensing cancer cells, toxins and tumors inside the human body. Scientists say, besides early diagnosing the disease, it will also not bring any damage to the internal health of the body, which is common in traditional surgeries.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

  • Cordelia

    This and Google’s new contacts that can measure blood sugar are amazing achievements. We are on the cusp of some amazing advances in medicine.

  • Ken

    I doubt the propulsion mechanism can overcome blood flow so this device could get stuck in smaller vessels causing an embolism?

    • Candiedbug

      Well, it is about 1600 micrometer long, its unlikely that it’ll travel into capillaries. In any case, the body deals with hundreds of thousands of microscopic clots every day, I doubt a thin nanobot would cause much trouble if it got stuck.

  • david delaria

    This is truly a major development, a remarkable one that suggests a leap forward in targeted non-invasive medicine. Delighted to read such news on another cold winters’ day.

    • upupdowndown leftrightleftrigh

      I can think of a few different ways this technology can be used in a negative way.

  • Cgar

    It could be a complete cure for cancer, if you don’t mind killing the patient in the process.

  • Robert Brush

    I agree. It sounds great for non evasive surgery. But there is always the down side. Just think what these things could do to people in a negative way. So once again mankind has invented something very powerful, now lets see what he does with it.