Mystery brain Paralysis Illness made four year lose his blinking ability


Born with heart defects, Corbin Dourant, 4, Oregon boy suffered with many ailments. The prominent of all is a very rare condition that is making his cerebellum shrink. The cerebellum is that region of the brain that has a major role in motor control.

The shrinking is affecting his muscle movement and speech and has made him unable to blink.

Mother Natalie Dourant said in a statement that he is an energetic and happy little boy.


‘It may be responsible for nerve degeneration,’ she said.

‘It may also cause problems with motor function and speech.’

“People always ask what’s wrong,” Durant said of strangers when they see Corbin for the first time.
“Up until three months ago he didn’t have a care in the world. … [But] he’s starting to understand.”

The condition of Corbin has left the doctors perplexed as even after so many days of research, the doctors failed to find out the exact reason behind the four year’s illness. The proposed cause of genetic disorder also faced negative result after multiple tests.

Now the family is headed to the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota after the doctor’s recommendations.
The parents are hoping to raise $20,000 which is the initial consultation fee for Mayo, which the family doesn’t have. They have been organizing through bake sales and car washes.

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  • Jacob James Jarzabek

    Loose? Back to J-School!

  • dudddd

    What $hitty insurance wont cover this? Can we publicize the name of this insurance carrier? If insurance wont cover something unexpected, why have insurance?

    • Binques

      Why doesn’t their insurance cover the visit? Probably because it’s out of state. Many policies don’t cover non-emergency out of state.

      • Wilberto Casillas

        NOT BLINKING! Thats an emergency to me! :(

      • dudddd

        “out of state” and the other excuses that insurance companies use are just excuses to take money and not provide coverage. The reason they (and others) are not covered for various reasons is simple: the company wants to make the most money providing the least amount of coverage. Moreover when patients are sick that is the worst time for them to fight these $cumy companies and their lawyers..

  • T. Rex

    You should get a proofreader. I think they call them “editors” when you’re publishing stuff.

  • Rebecah Kirkendoll

    Stupid insurance companies! Crooks, the lot of them. Hope the money can be raised. Too bad the article didn’t state how people could donate. But, there is a page, ‘Help Corbin Get a Diagnosis’. As of this post, over 14K has been raised. Good news.

    • Rebecah Kirkendoll

      Oops. ‘Corban’.