Melting ice posing threat to polar bears in Arctic

The theory of survival of the fittest is becoming very apt with the polar bears these days. A new study conducted by American researchers has found that the polar bears in the Arctic regions are changing their hunting pattern and source of prey as the regions ice is melting day-by-day.

The study carried by researchers at the American Museum of Natural History found that the melting sea ice is threatening the long term survival of its resident polar bear by separating them from the seals that have been their staple prey for generations. However, the bears are attempting to adapt to the situation by shifting their hunting grounds and sources of prey.

Robert Rockwell, a museum researcher of ornithology and Linda Gormezano, a postdoc researcher based in the Museum’s Division of Vertebrate Zoology were the authors of the study.

In the study, the researchers have depicted the rising threat to the polar bears and also highlighted  the alternative dietary choices that the western Hudson Bay’s polar bears have been resorting to as their habitats lose ice cover.

images (1)The ice has been melting in greater volumes year by year and the bears have consequently been losing access to the seals.

According to the researchers, the bears analyzed in the study  have their own method to deal with the situation. They were found moving inland sooner and considering more of the inland wildlife and plant fauna for their food sustenance. Snow geese and their eggs were among the emerging favourites of the polar bears.

The findings of the study were published in series in three journals:

  • First paper was published in the journal Polar Ecology
  • Second paper was published in journal Ecology and Evolution
  • Third paper was published in BMC Ecology

Notably, the continuous disappearance of the sea ice has caused huge numbers of polar bears to starve and bear populations have indeed declined.

This is the reason why polar bears are now on the U.S. Endangered Species Act and are designated as “vulnerable” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources’ Red List of Threatened Species.


  • Gary Doan

    Yet, contrary to the media story, polar bears are flourishing and their population is growing, not shrinking.

  • brucehall
    • victoria

      i love how that’s the only article you read on that site. most of the articles on that site say the contrary.

      • brucehall

        Just the facts, ma’m; just the facts.

        • victoria

          just the facts that help your argument you mean.

    • callmebc

      No. The ice extents have to be measured and averaged over several years because of the zig-zag nature of year by year measurements , and if you and the science-impaired fools liking you had any real clue about any of this stuff, you would know that. This explains things a little bit more clearly:

  • Miltspoon

    Where do you get this stuff. The article is not true at all. Polar Bears are increasing and the ice is too. Please stop the effort to brainwash people with this false wacko news.

    • callmebc

      Yeah, scientists and their stupid satellites, sensors, math, and supercomputers are no match for good ol’ boys and their common sense, eh?

  • kill all libtards

    Amanda Pierce is a liberal parrot.
    She drinks “the sky is falling” kool aid by the gallon.
    I only wish global warming was true; melt the polar ice, raise the sea levels, and BURY liberal hives (like san franSicko, lost angeles, new Yuck etc.), under water!!

    • victoria

      great. so america will be all rednecks and the movie idiocracy will become a true story.

    • ReduceGHGs

      No the sky isn’t following but our only habitat is certainly deteriorating.
      As for who’s drinking the “KookAid”…. The vested interests (fossil fuel industry mainly) want you to consume their dis-information about the science. They want you to think we’ve got nothing to worry about, that we can go on with business-as-usual without concern for the health and safety of those that follow us. Well, the tobacco industry tried the same thing.

      Read what the experts have been saying for years. NASA, NOAA, AGU, AAAS, NAS, MET,… they have all been saying about the same thing. And no, it’s not a global air-tight 30+ year conspiracy to dupe your right, taxes, or your third born.

  • JJ

    They need to get off the global warming trash. There was an ice storm that just blew through the south. Closed roads and stranded people all over from Texas on across to the east. Nothing like it in decades.

    • ReduceGHGs

      Do you know the difference between weather events and climate patterns? It doesn’t look like it.

      • JJ

        Yeah, and every feww million years the earth goes thru an ice age too.

        • ReduceGHGs

          We learned about natural climate changes in grade school. They have, do, and will continue to occur. So what? Does that fact prove NASA and NAS wrong about what is going on with the recent temp increases? Of course not. We have been increasing the atmosphere’s composition mainly by burning fossil fuels. It affects how it retains heat. This is well established science and not debatable. Try to find ONE respected scientific body that says otherwise. There aren’t any.

          • JJ

            I’m not going to debate it with you. I’m not a scientist. And any scientist speaks against global warming, would just be wrong to you, no matter how much proof he would have. I agree that a lot of fossil fuels cause a lot of pollution, and if our government wasn’t so preoccupied with war, a great deal of money could be used for research to produce cleaner energy. What I do know is, I live in south Louisiana, below I-10, and the winters seem to have a lot more colder days than they use to.

          • ReduceGHGs

            Your weather conditions in Louisiana are irrelevant. Humans are changing climate patterns globally. We layman MUST rely on the best unbiased experts available. We can’t just look outside, see that it’s cold and expect know anything about increasing atmospheric CO2, the sources, and the effects. We have experts for that. Among them, there’s no credible doubt. That is why all the world’s respected scientific institutions concur about the human cause. Here’s NASA site that may help.


  • ReduceGHGs

    But according to Utah’s Congressmen, human-caused climate change isn’t happening! Their opinions directly conflict with what the world’s respected scientific institutions have been saying. But that doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter that they don’t have a credible study to back up their opinions! They say they are right and so do their sponsors.
    Chaffetz, Hatch, and Stewart are all dead wrong about climate change. They are blocking Congress from enacting meaningful measures to reduce global emissions despite the risks our future generations will face. It’s immoral.
    Join the efforts to raise awareness. And get these Congressmen to rethink their denials or get them replaced.

    • lab seven

      Real science is NOT based on politics.

      • ReduceGHGs

        No, it’s not.
        We have real science and it’s what EVERY respected scientific institution that considered the issue concluded. There is a good deal of dis-information to the contrary on fox news and the internet but human-caused climate change is well established science and has been for years. Read what NASA, NOAA, NAS, AAAS, MET, AGU, and others have to say.

  • phd45

    It’s not just “warming,” it’s climate change in general; whether it is human-enhanced or a natural cycle, it IS happening. The ice IS melting. Sea levels ARE rising. Weather patterns are way off the norm. It is NOT political. It is about survival. Please, deniers, get your heads out of the sand and join in trying to help save all species, including humans. Name-calling and wishing it away doesn’t help anyone – even and especially yourselves.

  • callmebc

    Stupid, liberal, Algore-lovin’ polar bears — get a real job.

  • Miltspoon

    The fact is that the earth temperatures have not changed at all in the last 20 years. The earth goes through cycles and always will. The weather has not changed at all. We have heavy snow years and light snow years. When I was growing up they were worried about the next ice age. Now the Liberals threaten organizations that do not agree with this bogus climate change crap to cut funding if they do not agree. The earth goes through changes without the help of mankind. We should not be wasteful and careless with our resources but we cannot effect any climate change by living on earth. The earth was meant for mankind to live on. It was designed and created for mankind to live on. As for this Global Climate Change agenda it is just that and agenda for Liberal money laundering.

    • ReduceGHGs

      Your “fact” betrays what the folks at NOAA conclude.
      “Overall, the 2013 worldwide combined land and ocean surface temperature was 0.62°C (1.12°F) above the 20th century average, tying with 2003 as the fourth warmest year on record.”

      As for your blaming everything on liberals, that’s just a bit adolescent.