Is Google eyeing a connected home strategy?

Google’s $ 3.2 billion deal with the smart thermostat company Nest has triggered many speculations in the tech world that is the largest search giant eyeing a connected home strategy?

Google’s project for glucose sensing contact lenses and then its high-profile acquisition of Nest has sparked rumours that Google is eyeing in the Internet of Things and the Connected Home.

Internet is abuzz with the speculative reports that the digital health tracking companies are on Google’s acquisition radar.

In such a scenario, the question arises which one is the big fish, Google has eyed upon. The two probable names can be the SmartThings in Virginia and the Withings in France.


SmartThings is building a home hub to link together disparate smart products and connect them to it’s cloud service platform. And the other is Withings which interconnects with dozens of services for the results from their body scale, blood pressure cuff, and activity monitor.”

Experts consider Withings as an interesting choice. The acquisition of Nest by Google is just a milestone along the way as they continue their quest to change the world. But time will say what’s more to come from Google.