FDA warns of laxative use without proper medical supervision

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked those who use laxatives to help ease their constipation problem to beware before using the same.

Taking cognizance of the recent deaths due to the laxatives, the FDA has issued a warning saying these products are potentially dangerous if not taken under proper medical supervision.

The FDA has issued the warning on its website which says, “These products are potentially dangerous if dosing instructions or warnings on the Drug Facts label are not properly followed or when there are certain coexisting health conditions.”


13 deaths were registered and few other cases were reported with serious side effects associated with the use of sodium phosphate laxatives like Fleet or generic versions of the phospho-soda or enema product.

The FDA has strongly recommended those adults who are over age 55 and also those who suffer kidney trouble, heart problems and dehydration to consult their doctors before using a Fleet product as they are on increased risk of dangerous side effects.



  • Bob Level

    So, the FDA is going to make me go get a prescription for a laxative now? Please, enough already and stop with the nanny-state.

    • ColdDish

      Amen. Anything can be dangerous if not taken correctly. Use a little common sense.

      • Nicholas Manjarrez

        You beat me to it ColdDish.

      • Philip Zivnuska

        No! Anything isn’t causing 13 deaths. These products are.

    • Singletrack

      Nothing in this statement says that the FDA is seeking to require prescriptions for common laxatives…they are merely doing their job and pointing out that unsupervised use can and has caused deaths.

    • John Ub

      Can you point out where in the article it says that a prescription will be required for a laxative? Sheesh some people do not even want advice on what to do.

    • Patty Brown

      I guess you’d rather let unethical manufacturers sell you dangerous products so they can profit off your death. Well, it’ll remove you from the breeding pool, so I guess I’m ok with that, but the rest of us would like some protection from unscrupulous greedy corporations, thanks.

  • Josi Creek

    I have ms.. denied anything for any pain with no addiction history ..and not even a speeding ticket to my name..the overregulation isnt about us..it’s about stuffing their fat ass pockets.. in both the perscription drug policies and in the medical field forcing people to see dr’s for more and more ridiculous regulated formerly readily available medications… the war on laxatives???? Hahaha.. i would just love to see a open protest of that..from a distance could get messy.

  • Cameron Lewis

    There is a point in time where common sense has to rule in -medication usage and management it one of those points. The FDA is a fine organization for making recommendations= but I am ultimately responsible for my healthcare=not an MD, hospital, insurance company and definitively not a government agency. I appreciate their warnings, and I read and often heed them- but there is a point where common sense and personal responsibility needs to take over. – this is one of those points. FDA make sure the bottle is Labeled correctly and easy to read, Citizenread the bottle or get it read to you (Didnt learn to read that is your own problem there are solutions)