Biologists Began Necropsies For 25 Pilot Whales Found Dead


MARCO ISLAND, Fla. (AP) – In context to the investigation regarding the death of 25 pilot whales found in the shallow waters off southwest Florida, teams of biologists performed other Necropsies that began Friday morning. It was done on 16 males and nine females found on Kice Island.

Necropsies on Tuesday’s eight whales showed they all had “empty stomaches.

Officials of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Service say the whales were part of a pod first spotted in the area on Sunday. State wildlife officials has made some identity marks on some of the whales that had temporarily stranded near Naples, which aids in identifying the marine mammals found near Marco Island.

Officials at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found 25 dead pilot whales off Kice Island, Fla., on Thursday, adding to the state’s high whale death toll. The 25 dead mammals — 16 females and nine males — were discovered just two days after eight other pilot whales were found dead about 40 miles north of Kice Island in Lovers Key.

Last year in December, 51 pilot whales were marooned in the Florida Everglades. Eleven died after beaching themselves in the Everglades and 11 others died in the Florida Keys, about 70 miles away.

  • Rudy Haugeneder

    This is voluntary euthanasia by sentient beings who understand that pollution and climate change mean their species is doomed, and have decided to end their lives on dolphin terms rather than await the painful death that all air breathing species will suffer in coming years and decades. Or it is something else– like an acutely painful and wide ranging lethal pandemic of sorts, or is just simple mass suicide to protest what humans are doing to the planet.