Toxic Algae Bloom Prompts Utah Lake Closure

Aerial view of Utah Lake

On Friday, authorities closed Utah lake due to a toxic algae bloom that has turned it into a health hazard overnight. Public health officials warn that the algae release  dangerous chemicals which could lead to brain and liver damage in humans and animals. Swimming in the lake is now strictly forbidden. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has tested the waters and found that the level … [Read more...]

Second Zika-related Death in U.S. Confirmed in Utah

Mosquito biting

Public health authorities in Utah confirmed that the death of a senior woman in late June is the first case of death in which the Zika virus played a role in the continental U.S. Authorities are not sure whether Zika, an underlying medical condition, or both killed the woman. Reportedly the Utah woman had visited a Zika-affected country a few months ago and she tested positive for the disease. … [Read more...]

Healthcare Deadlines Are Getting Close


Healthcare deadlines are getting close as Monday is the last day to sign up for health insurance using the Affordable Care Act for continuing or beginning of coverage as of January 1. Health insurance enrollment will continue until February 15, 2015. People from Utah won’t be able to apply for health insurance in most situations after that deadline. However, there are some exceptions. People … [Read more...]

Nose King Dinosaur Discovered in Utah

Nose King dinosaur

  This summer has been extremely rich from a paleontological point of view. A wide range of announcements included the largest birds that ever flew and the only known swimming dinosaur. Now, Utah unearthed fossil convinced scientists they have discovered a new dinosaur species they named Rhinorex condrupus. Rhinorex literally means ‘nose king’. Yes, you got it right, this dinosaurs had one … [Read more...]

Is the Utah Public Lands Initiative Still Worth Pursuing?


The Utah Public Lands Initiative represents the proposed solution for the 18 million acres in southeastern Utah that Republican congressman Rob Bishop is trying to carry through. The “Bishop public lands initiative” aims to create areas for recreation as well as oil, gas, mining and potash extraction. However, in spite of how it looks on paper (a bill that stands on the ideals of creativity and … [Read more...]

Utah QB Travis Wilson Receives Underage Drinking Citation


The Salt Lake City Tribune reported last week that the Utah junior quarterback Travis Wilson was set to be cited for drinking while below the legal age. The underage drinking citation was sent to the 20 year-old athlete after an incident that took place Friday evening in Salt Lake City. Wilson was found by the police authorities supervising a Tim McGraw concert in Salt Lake City to be in … [Read more...]

Hundreds of Wildfires Threaten National Safety

Hundreds of Wildfires Threaten National Safety

Encouraged by hot temperatures and strong winds, hundreds of wildfires threaten national security, being a menace to hundreds of homes and sending up a towering column of smoke that can be seem all the way from Seattle. The fire burning near the city of Leavenworth, Washington, forced the U.S. Highway 2, which connects Seattle to eastern Washington, to be temporarily closed. The Red Cross set … [Read more...]

Utah Locals Want to Eliminate Daylight Savings Time


On Thursday, the first ever Utah public forum on the matter of daylight savings time was held in Salt Lake City. The decision taken by businessmen, people who love spending time outdoors, and local parents was to ask local authorities to eliminate daylight savings time. Thus, the state of Utah would be joining the ranks of two other U.S. states that don’t set their clocks back and forward – … [Read more...]

Hot, Stormy Weather on Independence Day in Utah


Hurricane Arthur put a damper on Independence Day parades in many cities across the United States and it looks like Utah, too, saw more than just fireworks in the sky, this 4th of July. The southwestern part of the state expected to see flash moisture floods, lighting, as well as increased humidity and very high temperatures. High temperatures are no longer news in Utah this year, as the Beehive … [Read more...]

University of Utah Researchers to Help Pregnant African Refugees


Several researchers at the University of Utah will be dedicating their time and efforts to helping African refugees have healthier pregnancies. Their ultimate goal is to improve the health of the babies born to the female refugees and they plan on achieving it by providing the women with the proper prenatal education and care. The scientists adopted this plan because Utah has the tenth quickest … [Read more...]