Toxic Algae Bloom Prompts Utah Lake Closure

Aerial view of Utah Lake

On Friday, authorities closed Utah lake due to a toxic algae bloom that has turned it into a health hazard overnight. Public health officials warn that the algae release  dangerous chemicals which could lead to brain and liver damage in humans and animals. Swimming in the lake is now strictly forbidden. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has tested the waters and found that the level … [Read more...]

Advancement in removal of carp from Utah Lake


PROVO — As part of the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program, thousands of crap are being cleared from the Utah Lake near Sandy Beach. The efforts are being made to reduce the carp population. The intimidating job of removing millions of superfluous carp is being performed by the fourth-generation   fisherman Bill Loy Jr. and his crew. “I think we are starting to get a little bit of … [Read more...]