Good Luck Coins Killed Sea Turtle in Thailand

sea turtle on beach

A 25-year-old sea turtle died two weeks after doctors removed approximately 1,000 coins from its stomach. The animal resided in a public pond in the Conburi province. Local customs dictate that whoever throws a coin in the pond can benefit from a streak of good luck. Unfortunately for the turtle, the coins only proved to be bearers of death. The Official Cause of Death is Blood Poisoning Two … [Read more...]

Hitler’s Elated Speeches Were Powered by Cocaine

Adolf Hitler sitting on desk facing camera

Many people who met Adolf Hitler or who participated at one of his rallies declared that the German Fuhrer was a charismatic, energetic, and convincing public speaker. According to recent evidence, his elated speeches that convinced an entire nation to go to war were powered by his severe cocaine addiction, the Fuhrer being but a shadow without his daily medication. Hitler’s charm was one of … [Read more...]

Poachers Killed White Rhino inside French Zoo

white rhino resting in dirt

Vince, a four-year-old white rhino that spent his days at the Thoiry Zoological Park, was found dead on March 7. The endangered animal is the first specimen to fall victim to poachers inside a protected enclosure. French authorities are currently searching for the culprits. Rhino horns are in big demand on the Asian black market. The animal parts are so valuable that poachers would go to great … [Read more...]

Reykjavik Turn Off City Lamps To Admire Northern Lights

Northern Lights are also known as Aurora Borealis

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, has the opportunity to be among those lucky areas where Northern Lights can be seen. This is why, on Wednesday night, the city officials decided to turn off the city lamps so people could have been able to admire nature’s light show.  They realized that is was hard for the residents to see the unique event because the city lights were too bright. The capital … [Read more...]

Vatican Revised The Rules Regarding Canonization

Vatican revised the rules regarding canonization

Pope Francis wants to make a lot of changes at Vatican. It seems that there will be new rules for canonization. It is difficult to determine when a miracle can be qualified for sainthood. Moreover, there a lot of people who decide to make donations, so The Vatican is trying to make sure that the process is done right. What do these new rules are about?  The most important thing is that a … [Read more...]

Natural Disasters Related to Climate Change Linked to Risk of Wars

Syrian drought, natural disaster

A new study revealed that the risk of armed conflicts is significantly increased in locations where climate-related disasters occur. Researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research found that as many as a quarter of the violent strife cases in countries divided by ethnic issues were preceded by extreme weather. Severe floods, heat waves, and storms and their roles in … [Read more...]

New Zealand Plans to Become Rat-free by 2050

rats in New Zealand

For the first time ever, a nation is looking to get rid of all animal predators by 2050. According to New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, the country will initiate a program that will radically exterminate pests. If successful, this anti-rodent effort would be a global first, managing to get rid of all species of rats, possums, and stoats in New Zealand in just 34 years. According to … [Read more...]

Only Ten Nations Worldwide Are War-free, Report

alt= Syrian civil war

The 10th annual Global Peace Index has nothing but bad news to report. Distressingly, the violence rates in the world have increased and astoundingly, only ten nations are currently completely free from any form of conflict. Most of the 10 violence-free countries are small and have relatively small populations. Thanks to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, terrorist massacres, and the … [Read more...]

Chinese News Agency Xinhua Discourages Pranks on April Fool’s Day

kim jong-un

April Fool’s Day is no laughing matter in Communist regimes. It’s not easy building a perfect society, especially when hostile foreign powers are undermining your efforts by encouraging frivolity and amusement. China’s official Xinhua News Agency has decided to put an end to this Western silliness, so it issued a warning saying that April Fool’s Day pranks are “inconsistent with core socialist … [Read more...]

Curious Snowy Owl Flying Majestically was Captured by a Traffic Camera

snowy owl

Right now, we wish traffic cameras could win one of those wildlife photography awards, because this captured Hedwig-like deserves all the credit. CCTV has caught a stunning snowy on one of their cameras, resulting in some unlikely competition for all the seasoned wildlife photographers out there who are looking forward to this year’s awards season. The stunning images of a curious snowy owl … [Read more...]