The First Manned Bipedal Robot Has Been Produced

manned bipedal robot

When you think about sci-fi movies you have in mind a manned bipedal robot, well this is not a sci-fi movie is just the reality. A South Korean tech company was able to design the first manned bipedal robot. Hankook Mirae Technology is the name of the company that made this robot. Although it seems like it is just an illusion this robot exists and it can be controlled by the person standing … [Read more...]

Scientists Make Three-Atom Wide Wire from Diamondoids

three-atom wide wire

Researchers from Stanford University have been able to create extremely thin wires, the size of only three atoms in width, which have unique properties.  Their invention was developed using the world’s smallest diamonds, which are known as diamondoids. Researchers use the diamondoids, which are the smallest part possible of a diamond to put together a three atoms wide wire which is capable of … [Read more...]

Researchers Develop Tool for Tracking Fake News

Hoaxy main page

Fake news in today’s society is a much bigger problem than anyone anticipated mostly due to the fact that people are rarely checking sources or considering the ulterior motives behind a specific news story. However, researchers have developed a search engine capable of tracking fake news on the internet. Researchers from the Indiana University’s Network Science Institute and the Center for … [Read more...]

Fishbrain App Users Will Help Track Non-Native Freshwater Fish

Fishbrain app

Fishing is a very popular activity throughout the world, so eventually, it would be only a matter of time before a company would develop a social media platform meant exclusively for fishing enthusiasts. Known as Fishbrain, the app is very popular among tech-savvy fishers. It seems that the Fishbrain app and its large user base can be used for more than just socializing and bragging about the … [Read more...]

Bermuda Triangle May Have Finally Been Explained

bermuda triangle map

Scientists researching the infamous Bermuda Triangle and what caused the disappearance of so many ships and airplanes, have issued a new theory. Their research reveals that the region is home to strange hexagonal clouds that cause the formation of “air bombs.” If you’re not familiar with the Bermuda Triangle, then it’s important to know that it represents a region in the Atlantic Ocean between … [Read more...]

Scientists Have Turned Carbon Dioxide into Ethanol

carbon dioxide from factory

Some of the world’s most amazing medical and technological discoveries were made by accidents, but the scientists’ latest ‘blunder’ may help save the world. Researchers have been able to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol through the use of copper in an electrochemical process. Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory belonging to the US Department of Energy have made an accidental … [Read more...]

Scientists Discover the Oldest-Known Planetary Disk

planetary disk

A group of researchers made from both professional astronomers and citizen scientists alike has a made a fascinating discovery. They found what appears to be the oldest planetary disk that has ever been discovered, sitting at around 45 million years old. The diverse group of researchers, led by Steven Silverberg, from the University of Oklahoma, stumbled upon a peculiar star surrounded by a … [Read more...]

DARPA Transfers Telescope to the Air Force

SST telescope

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is known as a research and development institution of technology in various Department of Defense (DOD) projects. They have recently transferred the Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) to the Air Force Space Command. The SST was developed with the purpose of observing Near-Earth objects rather than peer into deep space. Until recently, the … [Read more...]

X-Ray Blasts May Reveal New Objects

x-ray blasts objects

Astronomers are baffled over two very mysterious objects that emitted X-Ray Blasts. They a unique phenomenon, unlike anything scientists have ever discovered, as such, they may be a new type of astrophysical event. When the objects emitted the x-ray blasts, they suddenly become incredibly bright. More specifically, 100 times brighter than they actual state in less than a minute. After an hour has … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Bones Finally Found in Denali National Park

Denali National Park track

Over the long years of their research in the Denali National Park, paleontologists were starting to doubt the saying that where there are dinosaur tracks there are dinosaur bones. However, after ten years they were finally able to find dinosaur remains in the park. In 2005, researchers exploring the Denali National Park in Alaska found the first evidence that dinosaurs previously roamed those … [Read more...]