DJI Unveils Matrice 200 Drone

Matrice 200 drone

During the Mobile World Congress 2017, the focus will be on the upcoming mobile devices from both large and small companies. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for other tech announcements. DJI, a consumer drone company, has just announced its Matrice 200 drone. However, their latest product seems to be developed for a more industrial use rather than just casual drone enthusiast. A … [Read more...]

Google Apologizes for Wiping OnHub and Wifi

google OnHub device

On February 23rd, a large number of users reported being signed out from their Gmail accounts on their mobile devices. This was somewhat frustrating for users with important business on their mail, and caused others small inconveniences. Google has revealed that the root cause of the Gmail problems was a massive power outage which even affected hardware related to Gmail to crash or reset. More … [Read more...]

Wikipedia Bots Started Editing Wars

Wikipeda logo

Wikipedia might be world’s most comprehensive online encyclopedia, which features millions of articles, which are quite difficult to be maintained by humans alone. Therefore, bots were developed to facilitate this task, but a new study shows that they occasionally start editing wars among themselves which can last for years. Wikipedia bots are mostly used to undo editing vandalism, enforce b … [Read more...]

Stolen Passwords Bought by Facebook To Increase Security

facebook logo on screen

Online data breaches are a very serious matter. Stolen passwords can do more damage than just compromise an account on a website. This is especially dangerous since the majority of users mostly use one password for all their accounts, one that isn’t that complicated. Others tend to have little variations on a single password. Maintaining their users’ security is one of the main responsibilities … [Read more...]

Mattel Reveals Barbie Hologram

barbie doll

Barbie is one of the most recognizable brands of dolls for girls in the world but has been criticized for promoting unrealistic standards for women’s body image. Since then, Mattel has been trying to expand and redesign the toy to present a more realistic representation of a woman, having more diverse career options as well as various types of body shapes. The latest innovation for the famous d … [Read more...]

Xbox Receives Beam Streaming App

Beam streaming app in battlefield 1

Twitch has become the premiere destination for video game streaming for both desktop and console gamers, thanks to the wide availability of the service. However, Microsoft’s Beam streaming app is trying to catch up by now allowing Xbox One owners to stream their favorite video game content. Unfortunately, the Beam streaming app is currently only available to a limited number of console owners w … [Read more...]

YouTube Will Remove 30-second Unskippable Ads Next Year

YouTube logo

With the exception of YouTube Red, which is a subscription service, the video platform is free for all users who enjoy various types of content. Free users make up the bulk of the platform’s base, and the only way to make money from such a service is through ads and YouTube has a lot of them. However, starting next year, unskippable 30-second ads will be removed. From ads on the page you are c … [Read more...]

Skype Translator Can Now Be Used on Landline and Mobile Calls

Skype install wizard

Skype is one of the most popular apps when it comes to making an audio or video call. It promised to connect its users across the world when it first launched its real-time universal translator back in 2014. Now, the company is looking to expand the availability of the Skype translator to mobile and landline calls. The increased availability of the translation feature has been implemented in … [Read more...]

Google Partners with Telenor for RCS Messaging

Telenor logo

Despite the vast number of messaging apps for smartphones, the short-message-system (SMS) is and will be very likely still be relevant. However, Google in partnership with other companies and mobile carriers, want to bring the service to the current level of technology by rolling out RCS messaging. The main issues with SMS are the lack of various features, from group chats to texting … [Read more...]

eSight High-Tech Glasses Allows Blind People to See

eSight glasses

Blindness can be a horrible condition to suffer from, even more so if you once knew the colorful world you are now unable to see, which could also lead to some negative emotional states. However, new high-tech glasses promise to restore vision to the blind. A Canadian company called eSight has developed headset which most looks like a visor from Star Trek, which uses a high-definition, … [Read more...]