Authorities Remind that Pranking the Emergency Line is Dangerous

Siri and the emergency line.

Pulling off phone pranks is probably one of the oldest tricks in the almighty book of jests. But everyone knows that there’s a fine line between a few good laughs and putting someone’s life at risk just because you don’t have anything better to do on a Saturday evening. Lately, the US authorities have stepped up their efforts to inform the public about the dangers of prank calling the emergency … [Read more...]

Will the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Receive a PC Port?

Legend of Zelda

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who did not manage to put your hands one of Nintendo’s Switch consoles, then you’re probably wondering right now if there’s any chance to play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild any time in the future. Well, if you are the proud owner of a PC, then we have some pretty awesome news for you. Team CEMU has recently announced that they were successful in developing a … [Read more...]

Watch Out for the New Google Mail Phishing Scam


Love may be in the air, but this is not the season for romance, but the season of being duped by cleverly-designed phishing scams. According to a new report issued by Google, it would seem that a new online bully is around the block, and he’s doing quick work of all those foolish enough to open the door to him. When you thought that there’s nothing in the world that can make you click a … [Read more...]

Google’s Introducing Web Streaming for E-Mails Containing Video Attachments

Gmail and video attachments.

If you’re a regular Gmail users, then you might have noticed by now that the only way to view a video attachment send to a friend or co-worker is to download the whole thing on your local drive and to open it using your favorite media player. Well, hold on to your Gmail credentials, folks, because Google has a surprise in stock for you. According to a statement released by the big kahuna of … [Read more...]

Google Is Now Offering A Personalized Android Experience

personalized android logo

On March 12th, Google released a new website. Titled #myAndroid, its purpose is very specific. It will be looking to improve the user experience by offering a personalized Android, based on their own choices. Google seems to be hard at work in improving its Android products. Their latest move seems to be targeting its appearance. Instead of choosing a pre-set theme, Android will now create … [Read more...]

IBM Reveals New Commercial Quantum Computers System

IBM logo on a wall

IBM has announced on March 6 that it plans to release the world’s very first commercial quantum computers service for commercial purposes later this year. The new service will be called IBM Q and it will be accessible over the Internet for a price. Basically, IBM is looking to build a cloud quantum computers service in order to facilitate the development of more performant quantum computers … [Read more...]

More than 100 Play Store Android Apps are Infected with Malware

Android apps and robot

Researchers from a security firm called Palo Alto Networks, have revealed that they discovered 132 Android apps from the Google Play Store, which are infected with malware. The apps have currently been removed. Mobile OS developers like Google and Apple put a lot of effort in building and maintaining their users’ trust in the App Store and the Play Store, by ensuring that all the products are … [Read more...]

Facebook Testing Dislike Button and Reactions on Messages

facebook logo on screen

Facebook users have long been asking for a dislike button or any other type of function that would show their displeasure, as the current reactions are better but still do not fulfill that demand. Now, Facebook is testing out both the elusive dislike button and other reactions for messages. When you chat with a friend and you want to express your feelings about a certain message, you can now … [Read more...]

Gmail Update Adds Shortcuts, Exchange Tasks Support

Gmail logo envelope

Google has recently released a new Gmail update, bringing the popular e-mail service to version 7.2 of the mobile app. The update comes with some useful new features such as more app shortcuts as well as support for Microsoft’s Exchange Tasks. Before the latest Gmail update, the app only had one single shortcut meant for composing a new message. However, the update builds on the existing system … [Read more...]

Mass Effect Andromeda Unveils Exploration Gameplay

Mas Effect Andromeda screenshot

The anticipation for Bioware’s upcoming RPG, Mass Effect: Andromeda is palpable for numerous gamers with only a few weeks to wait. However, the developers seem keen on keeping us engaged until then by releasing a number of trailers detailing the many features of the game. The latest such trailer involved the exploration aspect of the new game. The trailer emphasizes the fact that throughout our … [Read more...]