Hobbit Ancestor Finds A Place In The Human Family Tree

hobbit human head model

Ever since it was discovered, the “hobbit” human ancestor, the Homo floresiensis, has been raising controversies as to its place in the human family tree. Archeologists found the bone remains of this human ancestor back in 2003 on the Indonesian island, Flores. The Homo floresiensis had a short stature of around 3.5 feet, which earned them the “hobbit” nickname. Its features have also been the … [Read more...]

Which Are The Most And Least Destructive Effects Of An Asteroid Strike?

least destructive effects of an asteroid strike

A recent study of simulated asteroid strikes looked into the seven results of hazardous asteroids and estimated which were the least destructive effects and which were the most destructive ones. The study looked at the percentage of deaths that would come from tsunamis, shock waves, wind blasts, heat, flying debris, cratering, and seismic shaking. It turns out that the most deadly effects are … [Read more...]

The Slims River Was The Victim Of River Piracy

slims river piracy

  The Kaskawulsh Glacier in Canada's Yukon Territory is usually the source for several local waterways, including the Slims River. The shrinking of this glacier due to climate change in recent years has caused a sudden shift in how its melt flows. Now, it only feeds the Kaskawulsh River instead of the Slims as well. This is referred to as river piracy by geologists. It is not caused by man … [Read more...]

NASA Spotted A New Water Plume On The Europa Moon

europa water plume

  For the second time in just a few years, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has detected what scientists believe to be a giant water plume ejecting from the frozen surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. This second plume is smaller than the one detected by Hubble in March 2014. However, it does lead scientists to believe their speculation about data collected during the first eruption were … [Read more...]

Young Eels Are Guided By A ‘Magnetic Sense’ As They Travel?

young eels

A new study went to examine the natural mechanisms that guide young eels on their journey towards Europe. As they did so, the research team determined that these specimens let themselves be guided by a “magnetic sense”. Study results were published in the Current Biology journal. The research was led by Lewis Naisbett-Jones, a marine biologist. Together with his team, he studied the trek … [Read more...]

No African Ants Left Behind In This Quite Surprising Behavior

african ants

A recently released study revealed a quite surprising action carried out by Matabele African ants. Researchers have been able to capture footage of the species as its specimens not only fought in a battle but also rescued their wounded comrades. This is an unlikely behavior which is reportedly quite uncommon throughout the natural realm. A study on the matter was published in the Science … [Read more...]

These Antarctic Penguins Have Quite A Volcanic Past

antarctic penguins

  A careful study of thousands of years of Antarctic Gentoo penguin guano, aka "poop," shows that volcanic eruptions, rather than climate change or rising sea levels, have caused their population to drop in the past. A team of British and German researchers led by Stephen J. Roberts, Patrick Monien, and Louise C. Foster, published the results of a multi-year analysis of biological, … [Read more...]

New Images Present Details On Uranus, Its Rings, And Auroras

uranus auroras

NASA recently released two new stunning composite images showcasing Uranus, it rings, and its auroras. These photos were created by combining observations gathered by the Voyager 2 spacecraft as well as the Hubble Space Telescope. Besides, offering these new photos to the public, the aerospace agency also offered information about the seventh planet from the Sun and its planetary system. More … [Read more...]

Why Did Ancient Cannibals Turn To Eating Humans?

ancient cannibals

A new research went to study the eating habits of the early people. More exactly, it analyzed ancient cannibals and tried to establish a reason behind their decision to feed on their fellow humans. According to the research, they probably didn’t do it just the calories. Our Human Predecessors Did Not Come With That High Of A Caloric Content For The Ancient Cannibals Previous studies had already … [Read more...]

Citizen Scientists Were Able To Spot New Planet 9 Candidates

planet citizen scientists

As the race for the elusive Planet 9 is heating up, citizen scientists have already spotted 4 new potential candidates. These were placed on the follow-up list and will be further investigated by specialists. These Citizen Scientists Are Part Of The ANU Project ANU or the Australian National University is one of the latest organizations to launch a citizen scientists program. This, like all the … [Read more...]