Research Unearthed 4.3 Billion Years Old Piece Of Earth Crust

earth crust scheme

A team of research claims to have found the as yet oldest piece of Earth crust. This could be some 4.3 billion years old and reveal new information about the early stages of our planet. Currently, the oldest recognized such piece is 2.7 million years. This new discovery belongs to a team of University of Ottawa researchers. Led by Jonathan O’Neil, the team released its study results. These were … [Read more...]

Kea Parrots Laugh Loudly While Playing

Kea Parrot laughing

Kea parrots are the only birds known to respond to laughter. The playful New Zealand birds are known to engage in spontaneous playing sessions, emitting a loud, laughter-like noise while doing so.   Kea Parrots Love to Play In the wild, when the birds are in a playful mood, they engage in acrobatic loops, toss various small objects at each other, and give themselves high-fives. … [Read more...]

Cheerios Is Trying to Save the Bees

group of honeybees on honeycomb

Famous cereal manufacturer, General Mills, is currently trying to save the bees by including packets of wildflower seeds in their Cheerios boxes. The company sent over 1.5 billion wildflower seeds all across the country, instructing recipients to plant them in bee-friendly environments. The Bring Back the Bees Campaign Is Not Supported by Experts The Bring Back the Bees campaign is meant to … [Read more...]

The First Martian Colonists Will Have to be Resourceful to Survive

Mars colony concept art

NASA is bent on colonizing the Red Planet before developing all the technology necessary for making the endeavor more comfortable. This means that the first team of colonists will have to use their imagination when dealing with unforeseeable situations instead of relying on state-of-the-art technology as sci-fi movies have taught us. Martian Colonists Will Need to be Self-Sufficient In order to … [Read more...]

Dental Plaque Helps Scientists Learn More about Neanderthal Habits

wax figure of Neanderthal man in museum

According to researchers, the Neanderthal diet was more varied than it was originally believed. By studying dental plaque remnants, scientists managed to piece together the daily diets of two distinct groups of Neanderthals – the carnivores and the vegetarians. Back in the days when early humans and Neanderthals roamed the Earth together, there were no dentists or toothbrushes to help them keep … [Read more...]

Stephen Hawking Warns About the Dangers of Rogue Technology

Stephen Hawking in wheelchair

Stephen Hawking recently declared that humanity might suffer severe consequences if the current rate of technological advancements will advance alongside our species’ natural aggression. In his view, the human species will be decimated by either warfare or climate change, chances of escaping a grim future growing slimmer by the day. Conflict Is Deeply Embedded in Our DNA The famous … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Excess Emissions Will Cause 1200 Premature Deaths in Europe

silver Volkswagen logo excess emissions

One of the biggest scandals in the auto industry was Volkswagen’s concealment of the real amount of emissions produced by their diesel cars which have sold in large number in the US and Europe. Now, a new study conducted by MIT researchers is revealing the impact of the excess emissions on the public health. The Volkswagen emission scandal revolved around the fact that the automaker decided to … [Read more...]

Overfishing Claims 90% Of Predatory Fish In Caribbean Reefs

predatory fish in coral reefs

Overfishing is one of the biggest problems affecting the oceans and seas. Due to this problem, more and more predatory fish are lost. The Caribbean Reefs are affected by the loss of predatory fish. Overfishing is disrupting the coastal economy and the ocean ecosystem. Researchers from the University of North Carolina completed a study that shows what can be done in order to save the Caribbean … [Read more...]

Similar Levels of Social Intelligence Found in Both Dogs and Toddlers

young boy with two dogs

Dogs are common for having the ability to feel their owner’s feeling and overall mood and adapt to it. They can easily integrate into the overarching structure of the family. Now, a study reveals their levels of social intelligence are similar to that of infants. This new study was led by Evan MacLean, the director of the Arizona Canine Cognition Center at the University of Arizona, and was … [Read more...]

NASA Wants to Launch a Solar Probe in 2018

Solar probe near the sun

While most of NASA’s efforts are focused on space exploration, the organization also tries to keep a close eye and have a better understanding of all the things from outer space that can affect our planet, from an incoming asteroid to a large eruption on the Sun, which could disrupt satellites at the very least. In this regard, NASA has revealed that it plans to send a solar probe in 2018 in … [Read more...]