Scientists Find Ancient Worm with Huge Jaws

a fossil of ancient worm

An international team of scientists has discovered a previously unknown species of extinct primordial huge worm. The most intriguing characteristic of the ancient worm fossil is the fact that it has huge snapping jaws, a trait which cannot be found in today’s worms. Scientists from Lund University in Sweden, University of Bristol, and the Royal Ontario Museum were the first one ever study the f … [Read more...]

Scientists Trained Bumblebees to Play Soccer

a close-up of a bumblebee

Bees play an important role in our ecosystem, as we heavily depend on the little insects. However, we do not know as much as we would like about them. For this purpose, scientists wanted to discover how their brains worked. Therefore, they developed an experiment where several bumblebees were trained to play a sort of simplistic soccer. The experiment was detailed in a new study published in … [Read more...]

Larsen Ice Shelf Crack Keeps Expanding

overview of the larsen ice shelf crack

In December 2016, scientists warned the world about the formation and expansion of a massive rift in one of the world’s largest glaciers, the Larsen C ice shelf. Since it was first discovered, scientists have examined its evolution and determine that in the last three weeks the crack has increased in length by 6 miles. Iceberg calvings are becoming increasingly common as the average t … [Read more...]

Harvard Scientists Invent the Smallest Radio Receiver

radio receiver

If you ever wondered what enables current technology to develop at this unprecedented pace, then you should know that being able to miniaturize electronics so that components can provide better performance at a smaller size. The computing revolution happened thanks to engineers who were able to fit an increasing number of complex machines into a decreasing amount of space. Industry experts … [Read more...]

High School Experiment Has Been Launched into Space

ISS overview

Many accomplished scientists and engineers are hard at work to develop the next technologies for the future of space exploration through various experiments and tests. However, not many of them can claim that their high school experiment was awarded the privilege to be launched into space. Two high school students, Danielle Gibson and Will Casto, from the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science … [Read more...]

Levels of Ocean Oxygen Drop 2% in 50 Years

the Atlantic Ocean

Climate change affects our planet in various ways, from melting the polar ice caps to increasing the numbers of extreme weather events. However, a new study has found that climate change has also had a major impact on our oceans, as the levels of ocean oxygen dropped two percent between 1960 and 2010. The study, published in the journal Nature, by a team of researchers from the GEOMAR Helmholtz … [Read more...]

Space Junk Destruction Experiment Seems To Have Failed

space junk destruction

JAXA, the Japanese space agency, set out on a mission to clean the space from debris. To this effect, it is currently unrolling a space junk destruction experiment. But according to reports, the mission has missed its mark. Even the vastness of space has started accumulating junk. Satellites, telescopes, spacecraft, these all leave behind debris. Presently, they pose a relatively low risk for … [Read more...]

Scientists Discover Strange Sea Creature from 500M Years Ago

worm with multiple limbs

Throughout the long history of Earth, life has taken many forms, some stranger than others. However, one of the most recent discoveries of a sea creature which lived around 500 million years ago is among the most unusual ones you will see. Researchers have discovered the fossilized remains of a lobopodian which is around 500 million years old while digging the Burgess Shale of British Columbia. … [Read more...]

Frogs Use Reversible Spit to Catch and Hold Prey

frog catching insect

For humans and the vast majority of animals, saliva serves an important purpose in the first phase of the digestion as it hydrates our mouth cavity and enables us to swallow food more easily. However, it seems that frogs are able to create an incredible reversible spit which is sticky as a way to catch and hold prey. A new study conducted by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology … [Read more...]

Baby Dolphin Dies Because of Selfie-Taking Tourists

dolphin jumping out of the waster

In the ongoing social media craze which has led many people to develop the need to constantly share every aspect of their life through various mediums like videos or selfies, users can do some extreme, foolish or shameful acts for attention. This may have been what motivated a group of tourists in San Bernardo, Argentina, to drag a baby dolphin out of the water and start taking selfies with it. … [Read more...]