Swedish Town Official Wants Paid Sex Breaks for Workers

a couple lying in bed

Highly-developed countries with very happy citizens are mostly affected by the problem of a declining population. While some countries have tried to increase the benefits for future parents, others have tried a different approach. For example, a local official from a Swedish town wants to give employees paid sex breaks as a way to promote baby-making. In the town of Övertorneå, a local c … [Read more...]

Top Students More Likely To Drink Alcohol And Smoke Pot

top students drinking

You probably believed that students who have bad grades tend to drink more and smoke pot. Apparently, this is not the case. A new study tried to find out which students are more likely to have bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking pot. Researchers from the University College London conducted a study that showed students with higher grades are more likely to smoke pot and drink compared … [Read more...]

Superbugs Kill 25,000 People In The EU Every Year


Superbugs are bacteria resistant to antibiotics. This means that they are too hard to kill. This makes them very dangerous, especially for people who have a weak immune system. A new report shows that more than 25,000 people are killed every year in the EU by these superbugs. EU commissioners for health mentioned that the numbers of people who are killed by these antibiotic-resistant bacteria … [Read more...]

States Are Trying to Limit Junk Food Purchases with Food Stamps

several shelfs with soda drinks

Food stamps, as well as any social welfare program, has seen its fair share of disputes in the United States. A new set of bills are being discussed in the states of Tennessee, Florida and Maine, which seek to ban several junk food items from being purchased with food stamps. The bill has been introduced by Republican Representatives in the Legislature of each respective state. It seeks … [Read more...]

Child Obesity Is Partly Genetic

obese man on a scooter

Obesity is growing problem worldwide, not just the United States, which has among the highest rates of obese people in the world. It’s not only a problem of aesthetics but it can also lead to several other health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and others. It has become quite common to blame obesity on the lifestyle and choices of each individual person afflicted by the condition. H … [Read more...]

Opioid Overdose Deaths Are Increasing in Massachusetts

a pile of opioid pllls

The United States is currently facing a dire opioid epidemic, which despite its many casualties it has not gotten the attention it deserves, as politicians continue to focus on combating illegal drugs. A new report from the Department of Public Health revealed that the opioid overdose deaths in Massachusetts continue to rise for the sixth consecutive year. The report, which was released last … [Read more...]

Cooling Caps Reduce Chemotherapy Hair Loss

cooling cap on woman

One year after the US Food and Drug Administration approved the testing of a cooling cap system as a way to prevent hair loss of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, a new clinical trial strengthens the case for the wide use of similar devices. For their study, researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston tested a new but similar device called the Orbis Paxman Hair Loss … [Read more...]

Shoveling Snow Increases Risk of Heart Attack in Men

man shoveling snow

While children may enjoy heavy snowfall by having the opportunity to play in the snow or the chance that school may be canceled, most adults are not particularly enthusiastic about it. Furthermore, a new study has found that shoveling snow can lead to an increased risk of heart attack in men. A team of researchers led by Nathalie Auger, from the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center, … [Read more...]

More Effective Antibiotics Can Overcome Drug-Resistant Bacteria

a group of antibiotics

The World Health Organization, as well as many other health institutions throughout the world, have warned about the dangers of overusing antibiotics, which would lead to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria or superbugs. This phenomenon could lead to an unprecedented health crisis which was never seen after the invention of antibiotics. While few people have paid attention to the warnings, … [Read more...]

Three California Universities Offer Marijuana Courses

marijuana plants

Despite the recent election which could lead to the decline of the liberal order, some social issues like the legal use of marijuana are steadily gaining ground. The recent legalization in several states throughout the US, such as California is expected to proceed as normal. What made the legalization of marijuana possible was the steady decline of stigma and misconceptions about its negative … [Read more...]