11-Year-Old Girl Ended Up with Third-Degree Burns After Making Homemade Slime

green homemade slime dripping

An 11-year-old girl from Massachusetts suffered third-degree burns on both hands after making slime during a sleepover. This was not the girl’s first attempt at making the home-made toy, the fifth-grader having made slime numerous times before, selling it at school. Kathleen Quinn Woke Up in Terrible Pain The 11-year-old girl was at a sleepover, making homemade slime with her friends as she has … [Read more...]

Baby Box Program Will Be Introduced In New Areas

baby box program

Several new states will start adopting the baby box program. This is currently already being used in New Jersey but should become available in Alabama and Ohio as well. The project was first initiated some 80 years ago in Finland. It offers, for free, the essential elements for raising a newborn. Also, it has proven its helpfulness in preventing SIDS.   The Baby Box Program And Its Components A … [Read more...]

Virginia Doctor Might Have Stumbled Upon the Cure for Sepsis

Vitamin C and Sepsis

A critical care doctor from Norfolk, Virginia, might have stumbled upon the cure for sepsis, a condition that can ultimately save millions of lives. The doctor who discovered the miracle cure said that the solution was so simple, that even a child could have thought of it. This is great news for the hundreds of patients who die each month due to this condition. Dr. Paul Marik of Norfolk, … [Read more...]

New Smartphone Application Can Test Sperm Quality

Infertility in Men

There’s no end to what can be accomplished through the means of technology. Even the gadgets we used every day can be transformed into powerful tools, which can improve our ways of life. This fact was recently proven by a team of researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital who managed to devise a smartphone application and accessory which can rate fertility in men, depending on the … [Read more...]

A Case of Strep Throat Caused Man to Lose Hands and Feet

the insides of an operating room

A Michigan dad is now readjusting to life after a bad case of strep throat lead to partial amputations of his hands and feet. The infection almost claimed his life, several amputations still being needed before he is completely out of the woods. Doctors Initially Believed the Man Had Pancreatitis Kevin Breen was preparing to celebrate Christmas with his family when his son developed a strep … [Read more...]

Jane Austen’s Glasses Suggest She Died from Arsenic Poisoning

entrance of the Jane Austen center

  New pieces of evidence suggest that Jane Austen, famed English novelist and author of Pride and Prejudice, died due to arsenic poisoning. The theory has emerged after faint traces of the substance were found on all three of her eyeglasses. Arsenic Was Not that Uncommon in the 19th Century Back in the 19th century, arsenic was as present in the life of upper-class English individuals as … [Read more...]

Drug-Resistant Yeast Infection Has Reached the United States

doctors checking on a patients in intensive care

Ever since the initial June 2016 warning, 30 people have been infected with the new drug-resistant Candida auris fungus. Health authorities are growing increasingly concerned about this new strain, searching for efficient ways to stop it from spreading. Why Is This Type of Yeast Infection So Serious? Normally, the Candida auris causes a condition known as candidiasis, a common infection that … [Read more...]

Women Prefer to Watch Porn on Their Smartphones

woman holding smartphone

A recent survey conducted by the famous adult video streaming platform, Pornhub, discovered that women prefer to watch porn on their smartphones while men prefer accessing the website via laptop or computer. Women Prefer Smaller Devices Pornhub recently unveiled a series of statistics showing the kind of devices males and females prefer when accessing the streaming platform. According to them, … [Read more...]

Scientists Discovered the Secrets of Memory Athletes

man during exam trying to remember

A new study published in the Neuron journal shows that anybody can train to become a memory athlete, no person being born with exceptional memorization capabilities. The trick, it seems, lies in daily exercises and plenty of imagination. Martin Dresler, lead author of the study and cognitive neuroscientist, wanted to learn the secret of the top memory athletes in the world. He and his team were … [Read more...]

Google AI Can Now Detect Breast Cancer

doctor with a tablet in hand

Almost every day we learn something new and incredible about how artificial intelligence, even at this early stage in its technological development can improve our lives by facilitating a complex task. The latest AI innovation comes from Google, which has managed to use machine learning algorithms to diagnose breast cancer faster than doctors. Google has revealed that thanks to predictive … [Read more...]