New Apple Streaming Music Service Announced for June


There has been a lot of buzz in the media since the new Apple streaming music service was announced. Apple is preparing a new music streaming service for the annual Worlwide Developers Conference, scheduled for June this year. The company plans to introduce this service, at least in beta form, at the WWDC, thus skipping its March 9 „Spring Forward” event. The conference will most likely make its … [Read more...]

Jury Deadlock on Arias’ Death Penalty Sentence

jodi-arias deadlock

After yet another jury deadlock on Arias' death penalty sentence, the judge is now going to decide whether the convicted murderer will face life in prison. Jodi Arias, convicted for killing her lover in 2008, escaped the death penalty on Thursday following the jury's inability to agree on a sentence. The jury could not reach an unanimous decision, causing the judge to declare a mistrial.  It was … [Read more...]

The Reality about Oculus VR Motion Sickness

Oculus VR

John Carmack, chief technical officer for Oculus VR, spoke at the Game Developers Conference about the obstacles and opportunities that come with implementing virtual reality on mobile devices. Carmack is the company's leader in pushing forward the efforts in the mobile space. At the beginning, Carmack talked about the real issue that is motion sickness, a problem that was highly cited and … [Read more...]

Price for an Unlocked Galaxy S6 Leaked Online

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Leaks

The price of the Galaxy S6 has begun to appear on different European sites, including Spain. According to the Samsung website in Spain the price for an unlocked Galaxy S6 is $780 (699€). On Sunday the phone was first announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In Spain the phone is labeled as “Dorado” edition, although it does not have different features from the standard Galaxy S6. … [Read more...]

Scientists Intrigued by a Much-Dustier-than-Expected Dwarf Galaxy

Scientists Intrigued by a Much-Dustier-than-Expected Dwarf Galaxy

An international research team reported that it found a very tiny and old galaxy that it is dustier than scientists had estimated for its peers of similar age and scale. The newly found galaxy, scientifically dubbed A1689-zD1, dates from 700 million years following the Big Bang, researchers estimated. The issue about this dwarf galaxy is that it challenges previous studies on galaxy emergence … [Read more...]

Minors Can Very Easily Purchase E-Cigarettes Online, Study

Electronic cigarette

Selling e-cigarettes to minors falls under illegal status in 41 states in the U.S. but a new study has found out that minors can very easily purchase e-cigarettes online. On Monday, a team of researchers has published its study in the JAMA Pediatrics journal, showing that most youngsters have no trouble acquiring e-cigarettes on the internet, and very few attempts are hindered. Rebecca … [Read more...]

ISIS Threatens Twitter For Taking Down Their Accounts

ISIS threatens Twitter

ISIS threatens Twitter, the popular social network, by making the company the target of online death threats allegedly posted by ISIS supporters. Both the co-founder Jack Dorsey and the company’s headquarters in San Francisco were threatened in a message calling for ISIS supporters to target employees, buildings and chairmen of Twitter. Jack Dorsey has appeared in cross-hairs with the … [Read more...]

Salt Lake City Police Chief ’s Hazy Connections with Body-Camera Maker

Salt Lake City Police Chief’s Hazy Connections with Body Camera Maker

Other body-camera makers and city officials are concerned about the local police chiefs’ undisclosed deals with Taser, the top ranking body-camera supplier for law enforcement departments. Ties smudged with conflict-of-interest were detected in Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Fort Worth. But on Thursday, Taser reported that it had contracts with 9 other major cities, while it was … [Read more...]

New Confirmed Cases of Ebola In Africa, Update

new confirmed cases

The Ebola outbreak seems to be in its final stages, but new cases are still being reported from the most affected region of Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO) has released an update for the week before February 22, reporting a total of 99 new confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD). Sierra Leone is the one still being hit the hardest, reporting 63 new confirmed cases. Guinea … [Read more...]

The 14-hour Shifts of the Silicon Valley Bus Drivers

The 14-hours Shifts of the Silicon Valley Bus Drivers

  Bus drivers who work every day in the Silicon Valley for very famous and prosperous companies such as Apple, Yahoo Zynga, Genentech and eBay have gathered on Friday to protest against the ones who pay them too little but make them work too much. The workers also voted in San Francisco and San Jose in order to enter the Teamsters Union. The votes for the Teamsters Union were 104-38, … [Read more...]