DJI Unveils Matrice 200 Drone

Matrice 200 drone

During the Mobile World Congress 2017, the focus will be on the upcoming mobile devices from both large and small companies. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for other tech announcements. DJI, a consumer drone company, has just announced its Matrice 200 drone. However, their latest product seems to be developed for a more industrial use rather than just casual drone enthusiast. A … [Read more...]

Smart Students Are More Likely to Experience with Pot and Alcohol

teenager smoking weed

The idea that smart students only focus on productive and meaningful activities for their future, and the cool kids are the ones to enjoy the various experiences in life, may be quite antiquated. A new study has found that clever teenagers are more likely to smoke pot and drink alcohol than others in their age group. More specifically, the study published in the journal BMJ Open, reveals that … [Read more...]

Child Obesity Is Partly Genetic

obese man on a scooter

Obesity is growing problem worldwide, not just the United States, which has among the highest rates of obese people in the world. It’s not only a problem of aesthetics but it can also lead to several other health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and others. It has become quite common to blame obesity on the lifestyle and choices of each individual person afflicted by the condition. H … [Read more...]

Xbox Receives Beam Streaming App

Beam streaming app in battlefield 1

Twitch has become the premiere destination for video game streaming for both desktop and console gamers, thanks to the wide availability of the service. However, Microsoft’s Beam streaming app is trying to catch up by now allowing Xbox One owners to stream their favorite video game content. Unfortunately, the Beam streaming app is currently only available to a limited number of console owners w … [Read more...]

eSight High-Tech Glasses Allows Blind People to See

eSight glasses

Blindness can be a horrible condition to suffer from, even more so if you once knew the colorful world you are now unable to see, which could also lead to some negative emotional states. However, new high-tech glasses promise to restore vision to the blind. A Canadian company called eSight has developed headset which most looks like a visor from Star Trek, which uses a high-definition, … [Read more...]

Rocket League Gets Hot Wheels DLC

Rocket League cars

Ever since its launch, Rocket League has seen immense success and popularity with hardcore and casual gamers alike. Its combination of easy to start, hard to master gameplay has appealed to a lot of people and has even lead to the start of a professional esports competition.  The game was also able to thrive thanks to the continued support from its developers with various free or paid DLC. The … [Read more...]

More Effective Antibiotics Can Overcome Drug-Resistant Bacteria

a group of antibiotics

The World Health Organization, as well as many other health institutions throughout the world, have warned about the dangers of overusing antibiotics, which would lead to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria or superbugs. This phenomenon could lead to an unprecedented health crisis which was never seen after the invention of antibiotics. While few people have paid attention to the warnings, … [Read more...]

Moto G5 Will Retail After MWC 2017

Moto G5 smartphone

As revolutionary as the smartphone age was for consumers, not all companies that held a large share of the initial phone market were able to emulate their success. Among such companies, there is Motorola, which despite releasing several models throughout the years, it never reached the popularity it once held, but that doesn’t mean it will stop trying. The company has revealed that its Moto G5 s … [Read more...]

Compiling Firefox Now Requires the Rust Language

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has made several new announcements in recent times, from announcing a new logo to disbanding its Connected Devices initiative and giving up on the Firefox OS. One announcement that flew somewhat under the radar was that compiling the Firefox browser will now require the Rust language. More specifically, the latest version of Mozilla’s browser, Firefox 53, will have a number of c … [Read more...]

Space Junk Destruction Experiment Seems To Have Failed

space junk destruction

JAXA, the Japanese space agency, set out on a mission to clean the space from debris. To this effect, it is currently unrolling a space junk destruction experiment. But according to reports, the mission has missed its mark. Even the vastness of space has started accumulating junk. Satellites, telescopes, spacecraft, these all leave behind debris. Presently, they pose a relatively low risk for … [Read more...]