Are Diet Sodas More Of A Health Risk Than Believed?

diet sodas cans

A new study took a closer look at the effects of artificially sweetened drinks such as diet sodas on the organism. The researchers analyzed the health condition of several thousand adults, especially of those who consumed such beverages on a daily basis. According to the team, regular doses of such drinks could increase the risk of developing or suffering from health problems such as … [Read more...]

Diabetes Is Starting To Be More Common In Children

diabetes test

  Diabetes is a chronic condition that currently affects millions of Americans. There are only two known types of it. Type one is the most severe form, but it is rare. It is caused by the body's inability to produce enough insulin. Type two can develop when the body doesn't efficiently use insulin. This is used to absorb sugar into the cells. In such cases, the sugar builds up in … [Read more...]

No African Ants Left Behind In This Quite Surprising Behavior

african ants

A recently released study revealed a quite surprising action carried out by Matabele African ants. Researchers have been able to capture footage of the species as its specimens not only fought in a battle but also rescued their wounded comrades. This is an unlikely behavior which is reportedly quite uncommon throughout the natural realm. A study on the matter was published in the Science … [Read more...]

1 Out Of Every 10 Zika-Infected Pregnancies Led To Birth Defects

mosquito birth defects

Earlier this week, the CDC released a statement on the status of the U.S-based Zika infected mothers. According to this, one in every 10 pregnancies affected by this condition resulted in a baby or a fetus with birth defects. The findings are based on a report carried out by the health agency. Named the U.S. Zika Pregnancy Registry, it was established last year. Ever since then, it has been … [Read more...]

April 03rd To 09th Is National Public Health Week

national public health week map

The week starting on April 03rd and up to April 09th has been officially declared the National Public Health Week. This will be held across a number of various counties, including Tazewell, Peoria, and Woodford. Throughout the week, the involved authorities will be encouraging, promoting, and offering information on a number of current lifestyle choices. Or, on the contrary, they will be trying … [Read more...]

Baby Box Program Will Be Introduced In New Areas

baby box program

Several new states will start adopting the baby box program. This is currently already being used in New Jersey but should become available in Alabama and Ohio as well. The project was first initiated some 80 years ago in Finland. It offers, for free, the essential elements for raising a newborn. Also, it has proven its helpfulness in preventing SIDS.   The Baby Box Program And Its Components A … [Read more...]

The First Martian Colonists Will Have to be Resourceful to Survive

Mars colony concept art

NASA is bent on colonizing the Red Planet before developing all the technology necessary for making the endeavor more comfortable. This means that the first team of colonists will have to use their imagination when dealing with unforeseeable situations instead of relying on state-of-the-art technology as sci-fi movies have taught us. Martian Colonists Will Need to be Self-Sufficient In order to … [Read more...]

Google Is Now Offering A Personalized Android Experience

personalized android logo

On March 12th, Google released a new website. Titled #myAndroid, its purpose is very specific. It will be looking to improve the user experience by offering a personalized Android, based on their own choices. Google seems to be hard at work in improving its Android products. Their latest move seems to be targeting its appearance. Instead of choosing a pre-set theme, Android will now create … [Read more...]

Stephen Hawking Warns About the Dangers of Rogue Technology

Stephen Hawking in wheelchair

Stephen Hawking recently declared that humanity might suffer severe consequences if the current rate of technological advancements will advance alongside our species’ natural aggression. In his view, the human species will be decimated by either warfare or climate change, chances of escaping a grim future growing slimmer by the day. Conflict Is Deeply Embedded in Our DNA The famous … [Read more...]

Meningococcal Disease Affects Third OSU Student

OSU air picture

During the fall of 2016, the Oregon State University was the location of a small meningococcal disease outbreak which affected two students. Now, after laying dormant for the winter, it seems that the same strain of the disease has affected a third student at the university’s campus. Local health officials have confirmed on Thursday that the third OSU student has indeed been infected by the … [Read more...]