Google Apologizes for Wiping OnHub and Wifi

google OnHub device

On February 23rd, a large number of users reported being signed out from their Gmail accounts on their mobile devices. This was somewhat frustrating for users with important business on their mail, and caused others small inconveniences. Google has revealed that the root cause of the Gmail problems was a massive power outage which even affected hardware related to Gmail to crash or reset. More … [Read more...]

Scientists Trained Bumblebees to Play Soccer

a close-up of a bumblebee

Bees play an important role in our ecosystem, as we heavily depend on the little insects. However, we do not know as much as we would like about them. For this purpose, scientists wanted to discover how their brains worked. Therefore, they developed an experiment where several bumblebees were trained to play a sort of simplistic soccer. The experiment was detailed in a new study published in … [Read more...]

Stolen Passwords Bought by Facebook To Increase Security

facebook logo on screen

Online data breaches are a very serious matter. Stolen passwords can do more damage than just compromise an account on a website. This is especially dangerous since the majority of users mostly use one password for all their accounts, one that isn’t that complicated. Others tend to have little variations on a single password. Maintaining their users’ security is one of the main responsibilities … [Read more...]

YouTube Will Remove 30-second Unskippable Ads Next Year

YouTube logo

With the exception of YouTube Red, which is a subscription service, the video platform is free for all users who enjoy various types of content. Free users make up the bulk of the platform’s base, and the only way to make money from such a service is through ads and YouTube has a lot of them. However, starting next year, unskippable 30-second ads will be removed. From ads on the page you are c … [Read more...]

Cooling Caps Reduce Chemotherapy Hair Loss

cooling cap on woman

One year after the US Food and Drug Administration approved the testing of a cooling cap system as a way to prevent hair loss of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, a new clinical trial strengthens the case for the wide use of similar devices. For their study, researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston tested a new but similar device called the Orbis Paxman Hair Loss … [Read more...]

SoundCloud Just Lost Two Of Its Executives

soundcloud logo

Sunday saw the confirmation of some important news about SoundCloud. The music streaming service will be losing not one but two company executives. Marc Strigel and Markus Harder will be leaving the company. SoundCloud is an audio distribution platform. The online system offers its users various options. They can record and upload their own original creations. And then proceed to share and … [Read more...]

Valve News: Three VR Games, Paid Mods, Steam Greenlight

Valve logo

Valve, the company behind Steam and other incredibly successful games like Half-Life, Portal, and others, has made news in last few days thanks to a number of official announcements regarding their upcoming games, and also because some of the most recent comments made by Gabe Newell. First of all, Newell has been quite vocal about how modders need to be compensated for their work, as they can … [Read more...]

Google Pixel Assistant Gets Smart Home Control Feature

Google Assistant on phone

The previous year saw the advent of smart assistants either for your phone or home. Despite the fact that both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have the same basic function, Alexa saw a lot more integration with third-party devices from electronics manufacturers during CES 2017. However, Google Home is still putting up a fierce competition against Amazon Alexa products like Echo or Dot. … [Read more...]

Audi Recall Order Affects 576000 Vehicles at Risk of Fire Engine

Audi logo

Audi, the Volkswagen-owned automaker, has issued a new recall order for around 576,000 vehicles due to the possibility of experiencing fire engine problems and the rupture of the airbags. This is the latest bad news in a string of problems for the German automakers, who is still reeling from last year’s Dieselgate scandal. Audi’s decision actually involves two different recall orders for dif … [Read more...]

LG’s 5K Monitor Will Get Improved Wi-Fi Shielding

LG 5K monitor

Users who were excited about the new LG 5K UltraFine display and purchased one in the first few days since its release were the ones to find out that the 5K monitor suffers interference from any nearby Wi-Fi routers. LG has stated that they will address this issue with enhanced shielding. Apple’s decision to just partner with third-party monitor manufacturers like LG for their newest generation … [Read more...]