Authorities Remind that Pranking the Emergency Line is Dangerous

Siri and the emergency line.

Pulling off phone pranks is probably one of the oldest tricks in the almighty book of jests. But everyone knows that there’s a fine line between a few good laughs and putting someone’s life at risk just because you don’t have anything better to do on a Saturday evening. Lately, the US authorities have stepped up their efforts to inform the public about the dangers of prank calling the emergency … [Read more...]

Good Luck Coins Killed Sea Turtle in Thailand

sea turtle on beach

A 25-year-old sea turtle died two weeks after doctors removed approximately 1,000 coins from its stomach. The animal resided in a public pond in the Conburi province. Local customs dictate that whoever throws a coin in the pond can benefit from a streak of good luck. Unfortunately for the turtle, the coins only proved to be bearers of death. The Official Cause of Death is Blood Poisoning Two … [Read more...]

Kellyanne Conway Suggested the Obama Administration Used Microwaves to Spy on Trump

Kellyanne Conway smiling to the camera

President Donald Trump declared that the Obama administration wired tapped his Manhattan headquarters during the final months of the presidential election in a last effort to thwart his impending victory. Even though no evidence was found to support his claims, Kellyanne Conway, one of his closest advisers, stepped up and suggested that the surveillance was made through high-tech devices such as … [Read more...]

Bottled Water Topped Soda Sales For The First Time

bottled water caps

According to the latest market report, bottled water has officially topped soda. For a reported first time, water consumption rates surpassed all other beverages in the United States. A report on the matter came from BMC. This is the Beverage Marketing Corporation. On March 09th, this released an official press release. BMC called this beverage shift a “long-term success story”. The report … [Read more...]

Scientists Discovered the Secrets of Memory Athletes

man during exam trying to remember

A new study published in the Neuron journal shows that anybody can train to become a memory athlete, no person being born with exceptional memorization capabilities. The trick, it seems, lies in daily exercises and plenty of imagination. Martin Dresler, lead author of the study and cognitive neuroscientist, wanted to learn the secret of the top memory athletes in the world. He and his team were … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Excess Emissions Will Cause 1200 Premature Deaths in Europe

silver Volkswagen logo excess emissions

One of the biggest scandals in the auto industry was Volkswagen’s concealment of the real amount of emissions produced by their diesel cars which have sold in large number in the US and Europe. Now, a new study conducted by MIT researchers is revealing the impact of the excess emissions on the public health. The Volkswagen emission scandal revolved around the fact that the automaker decided to … [Read more...]

More than 100 Play Store Android Apps are Infected with Malware

Android apps and robot

Researchers from a security firm called Palo Alto Networks, have revealed that they discovered 132 Android apps from the Google Play Store, which are infected with malware. The apps have currently been removed. Mobile OS developers like Google and Apple put a lot of effort in building and maintaining their users’ trust in the App Store and the Play Store, by ensuring that all the products are … [Read more...]

WHO Unveils List of 12 Priority Pathogens

Salmonella pathogen under the microscope

One of the most dangerous health crisis facing humanity is the proliferation of superbugs, bacteria capable of resisting the effects of antibiotics. With this in mind, the World Health Organization has issued, for the very first time, a list which includes what it considers to be the 12 priority pathogens, that humanity should pay attention to. The WHO revealed that the list of priority … [Read more...]

Google Apologizes for Wiping OnHub and Wifi

google OnHub device

On February 23rd, a large number of users reported being signed out from their Gmail accounts on their mobile devices. This was somewhat frustrating for users with important business on their mail, and caused others small inconveniences. Google has revealed that the root cause of the Gmail problems was a massive power outage which even affected hardware related to Gmail to crash or reset. More … [Read more...]

Scientists Trained Bumblebees to Play Soccer

a close-up of a bumblebee

Bees play an important role in our ecosystem, as we heavily depend on the little insects. However, we do not know as much as we would like about them. For this purpose, scientists wanted to discover how their brains worked. Therefore, they developed an experiment where several bumblebees were trained to play a sort of simplistic soccer. The experiment was detailed in a new study published in … [Read more...]