Swedish Town Official Wants Paid Sex Breaks for Workers

a couple lying in bed

Highly-developed countries with very happy citizens are mostly affected by the problem of a declining population. While some countries have tried to increase the benefits for future parents, others have tried a different approach. For example, a local official from a Swedish town wants to give employees paid sex breaks as a way to promote baby-making. In the town of Övertorneå, a local c … [Read more...]

Scientists Find Ancient Worm with Huge Jaws

a fossil of ancient worm

An international team of scientists has discovered a previously unknown species of extinct primordial huge worm. The most intriguing characteristic of the ancient worm fossil is the fact that it has huge snapping jaws, a trait which cannot be found in today’s worms. Scientists from Lund University in Sweden, University of Bristol, and the Royal Ontario Museum were the first one ever study the f … [Read more...]

States Are Trying to Limit Junk Food Purchases with Food Stamps

several shelfs with soda drinks

Food stamps, as well as any social welfare program, has seen its fair share of disputes in the United States. A new set of bills are being discussed in the states of Tennessee, Florida and Maine, which seek to ban several junk food items from being purchased with food stamps. The bill has been introduced by Republican Representatives in the Legislature of each respective state. It seeks … [Read more...]

Opioid Overdose Deaths Are Increasing in Massachusetts

a pile of opioid pllls

The United States is currently facing a dire opioid epidemic, which despite its many casualties it has not gotten the attention it deserves, as politicians continue to focus on combating illegal drugs. A new report from the Department of Public Health revealed that the opioid overdose deaths in Massachusetts continue to rise for the sixth consecutive year. The report, which was released last … [Read more...]

Amazon Delivery Drones Will Drop Packages with Parachutes

amazon prime air delivery drones

Online retailers like Amazon are hard at work developing the next delivery system. While we already knew that the company wants to use the increasing popular drones to deliver packages, having tested such a system in the UK. However, a new patent reveals that they plan to drop the packages to your doorstep by using parachutes. Amazon filed a patent which was published this Tuesday, which … [Read more...]

Google DeepMind Put AI in Social Dilemmas

AI cooperation

Tech companies are always looking to the future in order to stay relevant, and for them, the future is artificial intelligence. In order to stay competitive, many companies have started to research the various benefits AI can have for their service. However, while facilitating our lives, researchers are also worried about other grim outlooks as they continue to improve artificial … [Read more...]

Sony Is Launching Its 4K TV and Blu-ray Player

Sony 4K TV

While the 3D TV may be dead, 4K TVs are just getting off the ground, as they become more accessible to larger number of consumers. In this regard, the Sony Bravia A1 OLED TV garnered a lot of attention at this year’s CES, but it’s very unlikely to be released this year. However, Sony has already unveiled the details on its 2017 4K TV line. The company decided to unveil the technical details, ava … [Read more...]

Facebook AI Lumos Facilitates Searching

Facebook photos

Although Facebook is gradually promoting and preparing for a future where the video is the future of communication, as the social network has added a lot of video content features on its platform. However, it seems that it hasn’t completely forsaken the original medium, photos, which thanks to the AI Lumos you can find all the photos you are in without actually being tagged in them. Facebook h … [Read more...]

NJ Provides Free Baby Boxes for Newborns

baby box with child

Despite the fact that the United States is among the most highly developed countries in the world, infant deaths still happen because of various causes. In a bid to reduce the mortality rate of babies, the state of New Jersey has decided to implement a new program which will give out free baby boxes to all newborns. New Jersey has officially become the first state to launch a universal baby box … [Read more...]

Kyocera Unveils Washable Smartphone

washable smartphone

Thanks to their revolutionary functionality, we use smartphones very often during the day. Throughout our activities, we use our phone without much consideration to how clean or hands are. Therefore, our smartphone can become veritable grounds for bacteria. Considering how often we use it and how rarely people clean their phones with some sort of disinfectant, the devices can become quite … [Read more...]