Kea Parrots Laugh Loudly While Playing

Kea Parrot laughing

Kea parrots are the only birds known to respond to laughter. The playful New Zealand birds are known to engage in spontaneous playing sessions, emitting a loud, laughter-like noise while doing so.   Kea Parrots Love to Play In the wild, when the birds are in a playful mood, they engage in acrobatic loops, toss various small objects at each other, and give themselves high-fives. … [Read more...]

Jane Austen’s Glasses Suggest She Died from Arsenic Poisoning

entrance of the Jane Austen center

  New pieces of evidence suggest that Jane Austen, famed English novelist and author of Pride and Prejudice, died due to arsenic poisoning. The theory has emerged after faint traces of the substance were found on all three of her eyeglasses. Arsenic Was Not that Uncommon in the 19th Century Back in the 19th century, arsenic was as present in the life of upper-class English individuals as … [Read more...]

Dental Plaque Helps Scientists Learn More about Neanderthal Habits

wax figure of Neanderthal man in museum

According to researchers, the Neanderthal diet was more varied than it was originally believed. By studying dental plaque remnants, scientists managed to piece together the daily diets of two distinct groups of Neanderthals – the carnivores and the vegetarians. Back in the days when early humans and Neanderthals roamed the Earth together, there were no dentists or toothbrushes to help them keep … [Read more...]

Google AI Can Now Detect Breast Cancer

doctor with a tablet in hand

Almost every day we learn something new and incredible about how artificial intelligence, even at this early stage in its technological development can improve our lives by facilitating a complex task. The latest AI innovation comes from Google, which has managed to use machine learning algorithms to diagnose breast cancer faster than doctors. Google has revealed that thanks to predictive … [Read more...]

Facebook Testing Dislike Button and Reactions on Messages

facebook logo on screen

Facebook users have long been asking for a dislike button or any other type of function that would show their displeasure, as the current reactions are better but still do not fulfill that demand. Now, Facebook is testing out both the elusive dislike button and other reactions for messages. When you chat with a friend and you want to express your feelings about a certain message, you can now … [Read more...]

Google Launches YouTube TV Streaming Service

YouTube TV homepage

If one became thing clear in the last few years is that the future of TV is streaming, as more and more people decided to cut their cords in favor of enjoying their content solely through the Internet. Since the advent of Netflix, the breakout star of these services, many other companies have joined the fray, with their own service. Now, after a year since the first rumors appeared, Google has … [Read more...]

Swedish Town Official Wants Paid Sex Breaks for Workers

a couple lying in bed

Highly-developed countries with very happy citizens are mostly affected by the problem of a declining population. While some countries have tried to increase the benefits for future parents, others have tried a different approach. For example, a local official from a Swedish town wants to give employees paid sex breaks as a way to promote baby-making. In the town of Övertorneå, a local … [Read more...]

Scientists Find Ancient Worm with Huge Jaws

a fossil of ancient worm

An international team of scientists has discovered a previously unknown species of extinct primordial huge worm. The most intriguing characteristic of the ancient worm fossil is the fact that it has huge snapping jaws, a trait which cannot be found in today’s worms. Scientists from Lund University in Sweden, University of Bristol, and the Royal Ontario Museum were the first one ever study the … [Read more...]

States Are Trying to Limit Junk Food Purchases with Food Stamps

several shelfs with soda drinks

Food stamps, as well as any social welfare program, has seen its fair share of disputes in the United States. A new set of bills are being discussed in the states of Tennessee, Florida and Maine, which seek to ban several junk food items from being purchased with food stamps. The bill has been introduced by Republican Representatives in the Legislature of each respective state. It seeks … [Read more...]

Opioid Overdose Deaths Are Increasing in Massachusetts

a pile of opioid pllls

The United States is currently facing a dire opioid epidemic, which despite its many casualties it has not gotten the attention it deserves, as politicians continue to focus on combating illegal drugs. A new report from the Department of Public Health revealed that the opioid overdose deaths in Massachusetts continue to rise for the sixth consecutive year. The report, which was released last … [Read more...]