Hobbit Ancestor Finds A Place In The Human Family Tree

hobbit human head model

Ever since it was discovered, the “hobbit” human ancestor, the Homo floresiensis, has been raising controversies as to its place in the human family tree. Archeologists found the bone remains of this human ancestor back in 2003 on the Indonesian island, Flores. The Homo floresiensis had a short stature of around 3.5 feet, which earned them the “hobbit” nickname. Its features have also been the … [Read more...]

Specialists Added Epilepsy As The Latest Possible Zika Consequence

zika consequence in mosquitos

  Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions warn that epilepsy may also be a Zika consequence. This virus can spread through mosquito bites, and researchers have already established that it can cause microcephaly as well as various other congenital disabilities. How Researchers Found The Latest Potential Zika Consequence Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Dr. … [Read more...]

Young Eels Are Guided By A ‘Magnetic Sense’ As They Travel?

young eels

A new study went to examine the natural mechanisms that guide young eels on their journey towards Europe. As they did so, the research team determined that these specimens let themselves be guided by a “magnetic sense”. Study results were published in the Current Biology journal. The research was led by Lewis Naisbett-Jones, a marine biologist. Together with his team, he studied the trek … [Read more...]

Why Did Ancient Cannibals Turn To Eating Humans?

ancient cannibals

A new research went to study the eating habits of the early people. More exactly, it analyzed ancient cannibals and tried to establish a reason behind their decision to feed on their fellow humans. According to the research, they probably didn’t do it just the calories. Our Human Predecessors Did Not Come With That High Of A Caloric Content For The Ancient Cannibals Previous studies had already … [Read more...]

This Badger Buried An Entire Cow On Its Own


A team of researchers carrying out a study in Utah’s Great Grassy Mountains captured an unexpected event. They recorded a badger as it buried a whole cow, all on its own. As such, the researchers decided to take a closer look at this animal’s behavior. The University of Utah research team study results were published last week in the Western North American Naturalist journal. Initially, the … [Read more...]

Cats are Not as Antisocial as We Believe, New Study Suggests

Cats and Kittens

Is your cat waking you in the middle of the night for no reason or bringing you cute little vermin she killed? Don’t worry too much about that because, according to a new animal behavior study, cats have a very special way of showing their affection and, more surprisingly, they are thinking more than we are led to believe. The new study from the State University of Oregon proves that cats … [Read more...]

New Smartphone Application Can Test Sperm Quality

Infertility in Men

There’s no end to what can be accomplished through the means of technology. Even the gadgets we used every day can be transformed into powerful tools, which can improve our ways of life. This fact was recently proven by a team of researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital who managed to devise a smartphone application and accessory which can rate fertility in men, depending on the … [Read more...]

Research Unearthed 4.3 Billion Years Old Piece Of Earth Crust

earth crust scheme

A team of research claims to have found the as yet oldest piece of Earth crust. This could be some 4.3 billion years old and reveal new information about the early stages of our planet. Currently, the oldest recognized such piece is 2.7 million years. This new discovery belongs to a team of University of Ottawa researchers. Led by Jonathan O’Neil, the team released its study results. These were … [Read more...]

Cheerios Is Trying to Save the Bees

group of honeybees on honeycomb

Famous cereal manufacturer, General Mills, is currently trying to save the bees by including packets of wildflower seeds in their Cheerios boxes. The company sent over 1.5 billion wildflower seeds all across the country, instructing recipients to plant them in bee-friendly environments. The Bring Back the Bees Campaign Is Not Supported by Experts The Bring Back the Bees campaign is meant to … [Read more...]

Watch Out for the New Google Mail Phishing Scam


Love may be in the air, but this is not the season for romance, but the season of being duped by cleverly-designed phishing scams. According to a new report issued by Google, it would seem that a new online bully is around the block, and he’s doing quick work of all those foolish enough to open the door to him. When you thought that there’s nothing in the world that can make you click a … [Read more...]