New Smartphone Application Can Test Sperm Quality

Infertility in Men

There’s no end to what can be accomplished through the means of technology. Even the gadgets we used every day can be transformed into powerful tools, which can improve our ways of life. This fact was recently proven by a team of researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital who managed to devise a smartphone application and accessory which can rate fertility in men, depending on the … [Read more...]

Research Unearthed 4.3 Billion Years Old Piece Of Earth Crust

earth crust scheme

A team of research claims to have found the as yet oldest piece of Earth crust. This could be some 4.3 billion years old and reveal new information about the early stages of our planet. Currently, the oldest recognized such piece is 2.7 million years. This new discovery belongs to a team of University of Ottawa researchers. Led by Jonathan O’Neil, the team released its study results. These were … [Read more...]

Cheerios Is Trying to Save the Bees

group of honeybees on honeycomb

Famous cereal manufacturer, General Mills, is currently trying to save the bees by including packets of wildflower seeds in their Cheerios boxes. The company sent over 1.5 billion wildflower seeds all across the country, instructing recipients to plant them in bee-friendly environments. The Bring Back the Bees Campaign Is Not Supported by Experts The Bring Back the Bees campaign is meant to … [Read more...]

Watch Out for the New Google Mail Phishing Scam


Love may be in the air, but this is not the season for romance, but the season of being duped by cleverly-designed phishing scams. According to a new report issued by Google, it would seem that a new online bully is around the block, and he’s doing quick work of all those foolish enough to open the door to him. When you thought that there’s nothing in the world that can make you click a … [Read more...]

Beauty and the Beast Reactions Are In and Critics Are Not Impressed

Beauty and the Beast promotional poster

It’s a tale as old as time, a romantic reinterpretation of the Stockholm syndrome paired with Disney’s comical take on the concept of exclusion and the importance of physical appearance. The latest reinterpretation of Beauty and the Beast should have been a modern view on the beloved children’s tale, but, according to some, the movie failed to adapt it to the 21st century, keeping all the tropes … [Read more...]

Drug-Resistant Yeast Infection Has Reached the United States

doctors checking on a patients in intensive care

Ever since the initial June 2016 warning, 30 people have been infected with the new drug-resistant Candida auris fungus. Health authorities are growing increasingly concerned about this new strain, searching for efficient ways to stop it from spreading. Why Is This Type of Yeast Infection So Serious? Normally, the Candida auris causes a condition known as candidiasis, a common infection that … [Read more...]

Hitler’s Elated Speeches Were Powered by Cocaine

Adolf Hitler sitting on desk facing camera

Many people who met Adolf Hitler or who participated at one of his rallies declared that the German Fuhrer was a charismatic, energetic, and convincing public speaker. According to recent evidence, his elated speeches that convinced an entire nation to go to war were powered by his severe cocaine addiction, the Fuhrer being but a shadow without his daily medication. Hitler’s charm was one of … [Read more...]

Soy Food Diet May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

soy beans on a gray cloth

A number of previous research studies found that a soy food diet can be beneficial for breast cancer survivors. These findings have now been reinforced by the work of other researchers who found that soy even has a protective effect against the disease. The medical and scientific community were somewhat confused about the implications of a soy food diet among women due to its estrogen-like … [Read more...]

Gmail Update Adds Shortcuts, Exchange Tasks Support

Gmail logo envelope

Google has recently released a new Gmail update, bringing the popular e-mail service to version 7.2 of the mobile app. The update comes with some useful new features such as more app shortcuts as well as support for Microsoft’s Exchange Tasks. Before the latest Gmail update, the app only had one single shortcut meant for composing a new message. However, the update builds on the existing system … [Read more...]

Active Lifestyle Has More Benefits Than Weight Loss For Seniors’ Hearts

active lifestyle people

Everybody knows that in order to stay healthy, you have to exercise a lot and to maintain a fit body. Apparently, weight loss is not the only solution for helping people with heart problems. Seniors that have such problems should focus more on exercising than on losing weight. This new research found out that people who exercise more have a healthier heart when compared to those who lost weight … [Read more...]