Straight Women Are Less Likely to Orgasm

a couple on the beach

A new study seems to confirm what many women already know, that any other group such as lesbians, gay man, straight men, as well as bisexuals have more orgasms than heterosexual females. The discrepancies in the frequency of orgasms has been already well-documented, but scientists have yet to unravel all the mysteries behind it. The study has been published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior by … [Read more...]

Top Students More Likely To Drink Alcohol And Smoke Pot

top students drinking

You probably believed that students who have bad grades tend to drink more and smoke pot. Apparently, this is not the case. A new study tried to find out which students are more likely to have bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking pot. Researchers from the University College London conducted a study that showed students with higher grades are more likely to smoke pot and drink compared … [Read more...]

Larsen Ice Shelf Crack Keeps Expanding

overview of the larsen ice shelf crack

In December 2016, scientists warned the world about the formation and expansion of a massive rift in one of the world’s largest glaciers, the Larsen C ice shelf. Since it was first discovered, scientists have examined its evolution and determine that in the last three weeks the crack has increased in length by 6 miles. Iceberg calvings are becoming increasingly common as the average t … [Read more...]

High School Experiment Has Been Launched into Space

ISS overview

Many accomplished scientists and engineers are hard at work to develop the next technologies for the future of space exploration through various experiments and tests. However, not many of them can claim that their high school experiment was awarded the privilege to be launched into space. Two high school students, Danielle Gibson and Will Casto, from the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science … [Read more...]

Google Partners with Telenor for RCS Messaging

Telenor logo

Despite the vast number of messaging apps for smartphones, the short-message-system (SMS) is and will be very likely still be relevant. However, Google in partnership with other companies and mobile carriers, want to bring the service to the current level of technology by rolling out RCS messaging. The main issues with SMS are the lack of various features, from group chats to texting … [Read more...]

Shoveling Snow Increases Risk of Heart Attack in Men

man shoveling snow

While children may enjoy heavy snowfall by having the opportunity to play in the snow or the chance that school may be canceled, most adults are not particularly enthusiastic about it. Furthermore, a new study has found that shoveling snow can lead to an increased risk of heart attack in men. A team of researchers led by Nathalie Auger, from the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center, … [Read more...]

Nintendo NES Classic Hack Enables Other Console Games

NES Classic

During last year’s holiday period, one of the best gifts for gamers was a nostalgia trip with the newly revamped Nintendo NES Classic. It featured several games that were popular back in the day. However, the console was soon hacked which enabled a wider variety of games rather just than those few that were pre-installed. Now, nostalgic hackers are back at it again as they are not yet finished w … [Read more...]

Facebook Launches Community Help Feature

community help feature

In times of a crisis, either a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, Facebook users were able to check in on Facebook and declare that they are safe for all their friends to know. The feature provides a slight measure of relief in cases where you can’t always reach your loved ones. Now, Facebook has expanded on that basic function by developing a new feature called Community Help. Users can n … [Read more...]

Lenovo Refreshes the ThinkPad P Laptop Series

ThinkPad P71

During the Solidworks World 2017 conference, Lenovo, one of the world’s leading laptop producers, has unveiled the newly refreshed ThinkPad P laptops. The refreshed series includes three laptops, with one specially designed to provide a high-quality virtual reality experience. The newly upgraded ThinkPad P laptops are the following: the P51, P51s, and the P71, which is capable of creating and p … [Read more...]

Affordable Lenovo Yoga A12 Comes with the Halo Keyboard

Lenovo Yoga A12

During the fall of last year, Lenovo unveiled its new Yoga Book which features some interesting design choices and features. The most noteworthy of all was the decision to replace the conventional physical keyboard with a digital one known as the Halo keyboard. If you want to experience the innovative keyboard by yourself but don’t really think the convertible laptop is worth the $500 price t … [Read more...]