Women Feel Colder at Work than Men, Scientists Blame Sexiest Formula

"Women Feel Colder at Work than Men, Scientists Blame Sexiest Formula"

In spite of sustainers of gender equality, history has proven once again that men and women are built differently and these differences should be accepted and accounted for. Based on recent findings, women feel colder at work than men, scientists blame sexiest formula for office setup. The research was conducted by the Dutch investigators Boris Kingma and Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, who … [Read more...]

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter Celebrate Marriage Equality

"celebrate pride rainbow flag over the White House"

In awe of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to accept same-sex marriages, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter celebrate Marriage equality. Zuckerberg’s social network launched “Celebrate Pride” tool to help users openly display their support for the gay community. A huge achievement was set for the gay community on Friday when the United States’ Supreme Court acknowledged marriage equality. … [Read more...]

First Look at Google’s Barrier Reef Street Map

alt="google employee mapping underwater world"

Developers have provided us with a First Look at Google's Barrier Reef Street Map, as the search giant plans to expand its street mapping service. The project was highly welcomed by all tech savvies as it can help raise visibility and awareness on the environmental needs of the ocean and sea waters. It may seem as Google is now preparing for the summer vacation as the Internet giant has … [Read more...]

Make Chimp-Friendly Ovens – Chimps Want To Cook

alt="chimp cooking dinner"

Home appliance producers could soon make chimp-friendly ovens - chimps want to cook, new study postulates. The groundbreaking discovery was made by a group of scientists working at the Tchimpounga Sanctuary in the Republic of Congo under the close surveillance of developmental psychologist Felix Warneken. The results of the study were published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Academy B on … [Read more...]

MIT’s Tiny Origami Robot Can Perform Medical Wonders

alt="scientist holding the origami robot in his hand"

Engineers working at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have managed, once again, to leave all attendees at the IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation in Seattle open-mouthed. The illustrious minds have proven that MIT’s tiny origami robot can perform medical wonders. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Conference in Seattle has given us new and … [Read more...]

New-Found Prehistoric Skull Casts Light on 430000 Year Old Murder Case

alt="scientists have studied the holes on the skull"

Scientists have made one of the greatest discoveries in point of early human behavior due to recent skull bones unearthed at Sima de los Huesos cave. The new-found prehistoric skull casts light on 430000 year old murder case, according to scientists’ declarations. On Wednesday scientists working at the Sima de los Huesos cave have stumbled upon what soon became one of geologists’ significant … [Read more...]

LG, Sony and Android Devices Will Feature Free Microsoft Apps

alt="microsoft partners with google"

Smartphone developers elaborate new means of drawing customers on their side. In a similar attempt, LG, Sony and Android devices will feature free Microsoft apps as the Windows maker is now approaching a cross-platform functionality for its programs. Microsoft’s operating system and Google’s Android platform have been silently competing against each other ever since the two companies launched … [Read more...]

Young Marine and Bride-to-Be Prayer Moment Wins America’s Hearts

alt="young couple during prayer moment before the wedding"

A newly wedded couple in South Carolina have given photographers the possibility to get a glimpse of genuine love. The young marine and bride-to-be prayer moment wins America’s hearts after the photo gets published on Facebook. Weddings are traditionally regarded as festive moments and true declarations of love in front of God. Some wedding ceremonies might still preserve this traditional … [Read more...]

Large Hadron Collider Produced Massive Energy during World Record Experiment

alt="scientists working at the large hadron collider"

Switzerland is now scientists’ favorite location ever since the Large Hadron Collider was constructed therein in 2008. The mechanism is now back in the media’s attention as the Large Hadron Collider produced massive energy during world record experiment developed at the end of last week. Scientists have spent the last five years upgrading the LHG to increase its power and energy capacity. The … [Read more...]

A Little El Niño Is not Enough to Help California

el nino

After a long year of scientists’ predictions, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) finally announced that El Niño has arrived, with an almost 60 percent chance that it will extend over the summer months. The El Niño is a term describing the ability of the tropical Pacific of affecting the atmosphere by raising the sea surface temperatures to be warmer in the central … [Read more...]